Our Easter didn’t go so well (or strep Xs 3)

We had big Easter plans. The kids had soccer on Saturday and then we had a neighborhood egg hunt. My parents wanted the kids to spend the night Saturday night, but Christian and I wanted to give them their Easter baskets. We came up with a creative solution and told them that the Easter bunny made a special trip to our house during soccer because he knew how much they wanted to stay with Grandma and Grandpa that night. We figured that was we could see their reactions when they got their baskets, but still get a night off. Clever, aren’t we?

We were a little rushed to feed them lunch and let them look through their baskets between soccer and the egg hunt, but figured we were OK because there was no way it would start on time. We showed up about ten minutes late and the egg hunt was OVER. D’oh. Some of the older kids were really great though, and filled some eggs back up and re-hid them. Crisis averted.

Zoe is terrified of the Easter bunny and all other costumed characters, so she refused to get close, but Noah and Colin let me take their picture.

I’m impressed Zoe wasn’t crying and screaming in fear since the bunny was within 20 feet of her. Maybe we’re making some headway.

Anyway, that night the kids went to spend the night at my parents’ house and Christian and I went out. We ran some errands first and then finally got to dinner about 9pm. Just as we were about to be seated, my mom called to tell me Zoe was running a 103 degree fever. Noah had been diagnosed with strep on Thursday, so I knew Zoe had it. My mom said Zoe wanted to stay, so I told her to start Zoe on the antibiotic, too (as the doctor had given us permission to do so), and to give her some Motrin.

We ate our dinner and called back to check on things. Zoe felt worse, and decided she wanted to come home and snuggle with Mommy. Little did I know we wouldn’t be leaving the bed for the next 48 hours. She was pitiful and she wanted me right next to her. Between naps we watched the Toy Story trilogy, The Princess and the Frog, Bolt, and lots of Bubble Guppies episodes. I definitely met my quota of animated television. I was ready to go crazy and wanted desperately to watch anything that had to have every other word bleeped.

Even with Motrin, her fever would not come down below 101. Then she threw up a couple of times because the medicine upset her stomach, and unfortunately she is not very good at making it into the puke bucket. She would make a weird noise and I would jump up.

Me: “Zoe, do you feel like you have to throw up?”

Zoe: “No.” Then three seconds would pass and she’d go, “Hwwwwwwwaauuugghhh.”

Good times.

Christian took the boys to my parents’ Sunday afternoon. They had an egg hunt there and they collected some extras for Zoe, but she was so miserable she didn’t really care.

I know this probably makes me a horrible parent, but I had to take a day off work last week when Noah got strep and then another day this week when Zoe got strep, so I wasn’t going to chance it with Colin. He didn’t have any symptoms, but I was sure he was going to end up with it, so we went ahead and started him on the antibiotic on Sunday. I know the main worry is that kids will build up a resistance to antibiotics, but he hasn’t been on one in over a year, so we said, “To hell with it.” It’s not like I was ever in the running for Mother of the Year anyway.


4 thoughts on “Our Easter didn’t go so well (or strep Xs 3)

  1. I’m exhausted just reading about it! I think you made a good choice with the meds. No one at our house ever escapes a sickness. Its like we are sick for a month by the time it goes through everyone!

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