Out of the Mouths: Heartbreaker

About a year ago I posted on Facebook that Noah was walking around singing, “I’m only gonna break break your break break your heart” (“Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz). My friend Meghan, whose daughter Mckenna was in Noah’s class at the time, commented, “Oh no! I’ll have to tell Mckenna to watch out. Today she told me, ‘Mommy, I like Noah. I mean, I REALLY like Noah.'”

I saw them talking at school around that time and it was really cute, but then Mckenna wasn’t in his class this year. They didn’t say as much to each other when they passed in the halls.

In February, he told us that he had a girlfriend named Emaline. Then he said that Ellie used to be his girlfriend, but that she started being mean to him and didn’t play with him anymore. He said, “She puzzles me.”

It was beautiful outside today, so we stayed at the school playground after I picked up the kids. I noticed that Noah and Mckenna were sitting on the playground next to each other.

When we got home, I asked him about her.  He said, “Yeah, I like her and she likes me.”
I said, “But I thought Emaline was your girlfriend.”
He said, “Well, she’s my girlfriend, too, but she wasn’t at school today.”
Ah, my 5-year-old Heartbreaker.


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