This is the child who used to hate to get dirty

Noah hated to get dirty when he was younger. When we fed him as a baby, he held his hands out to the sides so that he wouldn’t get anything on them. When he was in the toddler class at pre-school, one of the teachers, who was also an OT, was concerned that he might have sensory issues because he never wanted to participate in the messy activities. I’m pretty thankful for it now because I saved Noah’s old clothes and they are all in awesome condition. Colin’s wardrobe doesn’t look hand-me-down at all.

Noah still doesn’t like to get paint or marker on him. His favorite art activities are things that are neat, like paper airplanes or projects that involve stickers, staples, tape, or hole punches.

He has certainly lost his aversion to dirt though. He and the other boys in his class like to dig for buried treasure. His class goes out first thing in the morning (they go out in the afternoon, too). By the time I got Zoe settled into her class and walked outside, Noah was already in the dirt. The clean grey pants he had put on 45 minutes earlier already had brown knees and a brown butt. Sigh.

At least he’s having fun.


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