RIP Colin’s pacifier

(Not Colin's pacifier, but a pretty cool one!)


I posted last week on FB that we took away Colin’s pacifiers. I said that it was going well, but was sure to add, “so far,” so that I didn’t jinx it. I waited to post it here for the same reason, but (so far) it has gone really well.

We took a similar approach to when we took Noah’s pacifiers away. That also went smoothly, and I have no idea how we have gotten so lucky as to have two smooth pacifier removals.

Zoe, however, is a separate issue entirely. She is a thumb-sucker, and it’s not really possible to take that away. She was as thumb sucker when we met her at three-months-old, and we tried desperately to give her a pacifier. I have a few pictures of her with the pacifier in Vietnam, but she was never really that interested. She’s always preferred her thumb. When she turned four in November, she told me she was going to stop sucking her thumb when she turns five. I reminded her of that the other day and she said, “Mommy, it might be a bigger number instead.”

Anyway, we took Noah’s pacifiers away when he was about two, but we’ve waited until closer to three with Colin. We just didn’t think he was as ready as Noah was. We went to the dentist last Wednesday though, and the dentist told us that his “open bite” (which makes it difficult to tear off bites of his food) was because of the pacifier and it was time to ditch it. (I was also concerned about his enamel, but the dentist said it looks just fine.)

Wednesday we told him that it was his last night with his pacifiers. We told him he needed to throw them in the trash because he is a big boy now. He said, “OK,” but we were certain he didn’t mean it. Thursday though, we said it again, and he willingly threw his pile o’pacis in the kitchen trash. We were amazed. He slept through the night without it. His naps have been a little shorter since he can’t wake up and use it to soothe himself a while longer, but they have still been decent naps and we are not complaining.

Saturday night the kids spent the night at my parent’s. There was a leftover paci in his pack and play, and my mom forgot to take it away. He slept with it that night, but was fine the next night at home without it. I have to admit I was a little worried about that one! She’s picking the kids up from school today, so I made sure to call and remind her to make Colin throw and pacis he finds in the trash!

He’s getting to be such a big boy! Every time we pass school bus he says he’s going to ride it when he gets bigger. He’ll be going off to college before we know it!


2 thoughts on “RIP Colin’s pacifier

  1. i have the same problem with Josie regarding the thumb-sucking. Since she only sucks her thumb when she has her blanket-she sort of smells her blanket (gross) while she sucks her thumb. The placement of the blanket is pretty exact-it would be funny if not kinda gross. Sort of like Zoe’s strawberry shortcake doll hair! So we’ve been trying to limit access to her blanket to naps and bedtime-but she’s pretty crafty at either conning her grandma into letting her keep it or sneakily finding where i’ve stashed it. She’ll be five in June and I need to get her to stop it . .

  2. Good job with the paci bye bye. The thumb sucking problem…I have no suggestions. Jammer sucks/chews on his blankies, the corner of his collar or the edge of his coat. he is always putting something in his mouth. Hopefully he will quit soon. It drives us nuts.

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