Big Feet, Hoppers, and Thumpers

Note: I have a dSLR, but I don’t really know how to use it. I want to take lessons someday, but so far it just has not been in the cards (Translation: I don’t have much free time!). Most of my pictures from Saturday and blurry and terrible. If someone could give me a quick hint on how to set my camera for action shots from far away at a dimly lit indoor soccer stadium, I would be INCREDIBLY grateful.

The kids usually have some sort of lessons on Saturdays. Our thought is that we would let them try a bunch of things and then let them figure out what they like. We’ve done gymnastics, t-ball (which was a flop), soccer, and swimming. We just finished swimming and then started soccer this weekend. Amazingly, I have been able to find places where all three kids can take lessons at the same time on Saturdays. Right now, Noah is in “Big Feet” and Zoe is in “Hoppers” soccer from 10:45-11:35am. Colin is in a parent/child “Thumpers” class from 11-11:45am. Their cousin Michael is also in Noah’s “Big Feet” class.

This is their second time taking soccer. Noah requested to take it again (primarily I think because he got a new water bottle for his birthday and he remembered we took a water bottle to soccer. Awesome reasoning, huh? What can I say? He’s five.). However, the important thing is that he got the other two kids on board with his plan. Zoe just told me she wants to take dance next (which she has had ZERO interest in up until now, so I do want to encourage her) and Noah says he wants to take swimming again. My plan of getting them to lessons in the same place at the same time probably isn’t going to work much longer.
Noah and Michael did a really good job. They paid attention most of the time, though they did goof around a bit together.

I was a little nervous for Zoe. This is the first class she has taken without Noah, so I was afraid she was going to be sad. She did great at first. Then she hurt her finger and decided she wasn’t going to participate. She sat in the middle of the field like this while the coach and the other kids ran around her. This girl is Little Miss Attitude. My mom laughed and said to me, “Boy you’re going to have trouble with that one.” Yeah, ha ha, Mom. So funny. Thanks for the news flash.

I wanted to get a picture of all three of them in their uniforms (Michael was already gone), but again, Little Miss Attitude would not cooperate.

 I finally gave up and just told her to get out of the picture so I could at least get a cute one of the boys.


5 thoughts on “Big Feet, Hoppers, and Thumpers

  1. What kind of camera do you have? Usually there’s an action setting. You can also change the shutter speed so you have less chance of a blur.

    • I have a Canon Rebel xsi. I tried both the auto and the sports setting, and my pics are still blurry. I think there’s just not enough light.

  2. If you know how to, try to put the ISO as high as it can go and and try to keep the shutter speed above 25.

    Also is your lens focus on manual or auto? try changing it to manual, that may help a bit. Otherwise maybe try setting the camera down while you take the pic or get a tripod (maybe one that compacts to be pretty small cuz they can get pretty annoying to carry around.)

  3. Cute no matter the attitude. Jammer didn’t participate much in soccer last fall either, until almost the end of every game. We’ll see if he wants to play again this fall.

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