Black eyes and Legos up noses (but thankfully we did not have to go to the ER today)

Noah got his first black eye this afternoon. He was at school playing in the rec room and he and a little girl ran into each other. Her head met his eye and nose. He got a bloody nose and I’m certain his eye is going to look worse tomorrow. For the record, it was slightly terrifying to look at the caller ID on my phone and see that it was my child’s school. I pretty much knew immediately it was not going to be good news. Everything turned out OK though, and no ER trip was required.


Tonight I was at work and Christian was home with the kids. When I called and told him I was on my way home, he sounded exasperated. It turns out Colin had a Lego incident. Colin had been crying and kept telling him, “Nose! Nose!”  Colin had been sick, so he thought he just had a stuffy nose. He wiped Colin’s nose, but Colin was still upset. He looked up there and thought, “Huh. That’s a strange looking booger,” before realizing the “booger” was actually a tiny neon green Lego. Luckily Colin was able to blow it out and again a trip to the emergency room was averted.

Good times.


8 thoughts on “Black eyes and Legos up noses (but thankfully we did not have to go to the ER today)

  1. “…strange looking booger.” I peed. You kill me sometimes, Tracy. So funny. Glad the kids are going to be okay, tho. Can you believe, with 7 kids, I have never once had a lego up the nose? The worst we’ve had here is a popcorn seed. Is Noah proud of his shiner?

    • His teacher was kidding around with him and telling him he needs to make up a good story. She suggested he say he was fighting a big bear in the woods, but he liked my story about how he was a good Transformer fighting a bad guy Transformer.

      His eye looks worse today. I’ll have to post an updated photo this weekend. Poor kid.

  2. Things are never boring at your house. A black eye, a lego up the nose, the new dog woes….:) You will never run out of good stories to tell.

  3. Oh poor little guy. He looks tough though!
    I rec’d a call from FuDa’s school this week and I didn’t even say hello, I just said “is there a problem” Luckily, I only forgot his lunch (good mom huh?)

  4. That reminds me of the episode of “House” where the little boy had a metal cat game piece up his nose and he kept sticking things up there – first a dog, and then a firetruck – all in an effort to rescue the cat no one knew was up there. Glad you guys were able to get all your emergencies taken care of without the ER trip(s)!
    For the record, my heart skips a beat everytime the school number shows up on my ID. I think that’s true for every parent!

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