2010 sucked, and so far 2011 blows

In 2009, I wrote this:

Our goal for 2010 is…. (drum roll please)…. NOTHING. Seriously. I hope that nothing major happens in 2010. We are due for a calm year. Christian and I have gone through some major life-event together every year of the last decade.

Let me re-cap:

  • 2001  – Christian and I started dating. He moved two hours away shortly afterward, and we continued in a long-distance relationship. I knew he was moving away when we started dating, so I figured we would just go out a couple of times, and that would be that. Little did I know that he would only be gone for 50 weeks, and that one of us would make the two-hour drive 48 of those 50 weekends.
  • 2002 – Christian moved back, and we moved in together. Neither one of us had ever lived with a significant other, so it was a bit of an adjustment. He proposed a few months later, and we started planning our wedding.
  • 2003 – We had our dream wedding, complete with 300 guests. Later that year we bought our first house and I started working on my Master’s. I also started a new job.
  • 2004 – We tried, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant, and learned that we had fertility “issues.” We started fertility treatments and battled with our insurance company to get them to cover some of it.
  • 2005 – We continued fertility treatments and got pregnant, but miscarried. Two months later we finally got pregnant with Noah. I finished my Master’s and Christian went back to school.
  • 2006 – We had Noah! Several months later we began the paperwork to adopt from Vietnam.
  • 2007 – We adopted Zoe! Later we started the paperwork to adopt from Vietnam again.
  • 2008 – We learned that we would not be able to adopt from Vietnam again, and started the paperwork for domestic adoption. Though we expected to wait 12-18 months, we brought Colin home just seven short weeks later! Also, Christian started a new job and graduated with his Bachelor’s.
  • 2009 – We sold and bought a house (very quickly).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining or anything. These were (mostly) wonderful things that happened to us, and we are blessed to be where we are now. It’s just time we had a NORMAL year.

So SERIOUSLY. Here’s to nothing in 2010! Please!

Big mistake for writing that. Yep, BIG, BIG mistake. HUGE. And now I *am* complaining. 2010 sucked. So much for NOTHING.

Hmm…where to begin…

  • My back pain started in April and continues to today, even after three steroid injections in my spine, two sets of three injections on each side of my spine, and two outpatient surgeries to burn nerves. Daily pain is difficult and depressing.
  • We hired a searcher to try to find Zoe’s birthfamily, but they were not successful. We were not surprised, and we are happy to have the additional information we have now, but I wish we could have found more. It is what it is, but it still makes me sad.
  • Colin was diagnosed with FAS in May, after being turned down by First Steps in February. (Yes, I am still p*ssed about it. I was actually looking at his evaluation with our developmental therapist last week. To qualify, he had to have a -1.5 in two areas or a -2 in one area. He had a -1.5 in one area and a -2 in one area. He MORE than qualified. So, when we did follow our instincts and see a developmental pediatrician “just to get some extra help,” we were floored when we got the FAS diagnosis. Since he “didn’t” qualify, I spent February to May thinking he was fine and I was just crazy and/ or overreacting. It is HARD to question yourself for that long and then get smacked in the face.) We got a second opinion in July. The diagnosis was verified, but they also found a chromosome deletion, so we had even more to worry about.
  • Noah was in the hospital with Kawasaki Disease. Luckily all of his heart echos have been fine, even though our pediatrician was an *ssclown and didn’t send him for IVIG treatment like he should have. We left the practice over it. I’m still pretty p*ssed about that, too.
  • We visited Colin’s birthmom twice this summer and things were going really well. Then it all went to sh*t in August.
  • After finding a school we thought was right for Colin, it did not work out. Though I know it will be OK in the long run, it was pretty devastating after we had so much hope for it.
  • Notice how several of this things in this list are medical? Well, that gets expensive. $17,000 worth of expensive. Yes, that’s right. We paid *$17,000* in medical bills in 2010, and I am guessing our medical expenses are going to continue to be significant from now on (though hopefully not THAT expensive). We moved in December 2009, and got Colin’s diagnosis in May 2010. If we had known, we may not have moved, or we would have moved to a less expensive house. I love our neighborhood and I’m glad we ended up where we did, but it has been a really tough year financially.
  • While on the topic of medical things that suck, I am so tired of medical appointments – therapists, nutritionists, specialists, etc. Colin and I together averaged three to four appointments a week, though the record was 12 medical appointments one week in July between Colin, Noah, and me when Noah was really sick.
  • There were a couple of other major things, but I haven’t talked about them on the blog and I probably won’t. I promise they sucked though. Very, very badly. Take my word for it.

We waited for things to get better. August was going to be our month, then September, then October, but it just never seemed to happen. Surely things have to be better in 2011, right?

Hmm…where to begin…

  • Even though I squeaked my second back surgery in on December 28th for free (since we had met our family out-of-pocket insurance max), my back is still hurting. I see the doctor on Wednesday. I think they probably need to repeat the procedure on the right side, but that would mean I would have to pay my $3,000 personal deductible right off the bat.
  • Colin is not able to start his new school in January. Christian’s company switched insurance providers effective January 1st, and the new school is not in-network. At in-network pricing, his school will cost us $5,000 this year. At out-of-network pricing, it would cost $10,000. They are working on becoming in-network, but it takes four to six weeks to do so. He has a tentative start date of February 15th, but I will be stressing about the whole insurance thing until we know *for sure*.
  • We saw Colin’s ENT and the tubes they put in two years ago are still firmly in place. We’ll wait out the rest of the winter, but he will have to have surgery in the spring to remove them so his eardrums are not damaged by scar tissue.
  • Christian was giving the kids baths the other night. I happened to go down to the basement to put some hats and horns from New Year’s Eve in storage. I found water POURING out of one of the pipes. For $325 an emergency plumber unclogged the main sewer line for us. A guy came back with a camera the next day so they could check the whole line. It is cracked in multiple places with tree roots growing into it and the entire thing needs to be replaced. For $7,300. Not covered by insurance.

I try to laugh so that I don’t cry, but sometimes I still cry. And it’s only January 10th.


11 thoughts on “2010 sucked, and so far 2011 blows

  1. Tracy – I’m so sorry this year has been so tough. Any one of those items could make for a stressful year! Health insurance is the worst! I’m hoping your back treatments work soon as a hard load is harder when you are in constant pain. As Kelli K says you guys need a break and I hope you get one soon.

  2. Way too much for any one family to deal with. And that you seem to have a good attitude through most of it is amazing. I don’t think many others would be the same. I will hope for you that things will be much better for you this year.

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