And Sam Makes Seven

Did you know that Michelle at And Sam Makes Seven is back? She took a pretty long blog hiatus, but I did a little Snoopy happy dance when she finally showed up in my reader a few days ago.

We are polar opposites politically, but I don’t hold that against her. In a strange coincidence, I was just telling my mom about Michelle that day before she popped her head back into the blogging world. See, since I’m a liberal hippie and all, my mom thought it would be really funny to sign me up for Rush Limbaugh’s e-mails. (My mom is a liberal, too, so she knows first-hand what a jack*ss Rush Limbaugh is. She just thought it would be a funny prank.) Michelle, on the other hand, is a conservative. During the 2008 election, someone signed her up for e-mails from the ACLU. It was not me, but I thought it was a *brilliant* idea, and I wish that I had thought of it.

Anyway, if you haven’t visited Michelle in a while, go say hi. Just don’t judge her character by the fact that she wanted that idiot Sarah Palin as our Vice President, or by the fact that she probably voted for Bristol when she was on Dancing with the Stars. 🙂


2 thoughts on “And Sam Makes Seven

  1. (Okay, I tried to leave this comment once already, so if it shows up twice, my apologies.)

    1. I didn’t want Sarah to be VP as badly as I wanted Joe Biden NOT to be VP.
    2. Joe Biden is an idiot, too.
    3. I didn’t watch Dancing with the Stars. I never have.
    4. Everyone knows Rush is a jacka*$. The belief that Conservatives like or believe in this man is a myth concocted by Liberals. It’s all part of the conspiracy.
    5. The more you talk about that ACLU email list thing, the more you make me think it really was you… Unless Nicki wants to step forward and claim responsibility.
    6. THANK YOU for the warm welcome back, baby! Your politics are icky, but you know I love ya!

  2. 1. and 2. OK, so Joe Biden isn’t a great VP, but at least Obama has kept him in the background. Why is Sarah Palin STILL in my face!? GO AWAY SARAH!!!!

    3. I only watched Dancing with the Stars because I could get Zoe to watch it with me by telling her that all the girls in pretty dresses were princesses. I know it’s not rigth to lie to your kids, but sometimes I just can’t take another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.

    4. If conservatives don’t believe in Rush, then who the hell does? How does he get such ratings, and therefore $$$$, because it’s certainly not us liberals listening to his crap!!!

    5. It really wasn’t me. I wish it had been, because that was brilliant.

    6. You’re welcome, but it’s your politics that are icky, my dear friend!

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