Colin’s 2-year (29-month) update

Colin turned two in January, so he’ll be 29-months-old in just over a week. He’s 28.5 pounds (the same weight as Zoe) and 36 inches tall (two inches shorter than Zoe). He still has issues with Delayed Gastric Emptying, so he is still on Reglan. He started the Reglan last February and we had hoped he would only have to be on it for six months. We tried to take him off of it though, and he lost six ounces in a month. Since his growth while on the medication has been good, his gastroenterologist wants to just keep him on it at the same dose, even as his weight increases. That way we will be gradually weaning him off of it instead of just stopping cold turkey. He thinks we will have better results that way. Right now he is in the 50th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight, so we’re happy with that. (I’ve covered this in previous blog posts, but again, the issue here is that Colin used to be much higher on the growth charts but dropped way down. Zoe is at the bottom of the growth charts, but we don’t worry about her as much because she has always been at the bottom and has stayed on a steady curve. Colin’s growth follows a steady curve on the medication, but then drops without it.)

He is a much better eater than he used to be, but we still supplement his calories with Carnation Instant Breakfast and Pediasure. His favorite foods are probably fruit and pizza. (Almost every night when I am cooking dinner he asks, “Pizza, Mommy?”) He used to be better about eating vegetables, but he’s getting a bit more finicky. I usually try to mix veggies in with whatever I am making. For example, I add broccoli to mac and cheese, corn and salsa to Mexican beef and rice, mixed veggies to pasta dishes, etc. It’s always been a good trick with Noah and Zoe, but Colin has recently started picking out anything resembling a vegetable.

Colin is one hairy little dude. He already has a bit of a mustache and he’ll probably have a full beard before he’s 12. He has so much hair on his back and arms that when we use spray sunscreen, it just sits in a layer on top of the hair. He has hair on his shins like many little boys do, but he also has little black hairs on his thighs that stick straight out. My mom swears she saw a pubic hair the other day while changing his diaper.

Colin loves trains. His trains and train tracks keep him occupied longer than anything else. He’s also into dinosaurs. He stomps his feet and says, “Roar! Dinosaur!” His favorite shows are Yo Gabba Gabba and Team Umizoomi, and he also likes to watch Thomas the Train videos on the computer.

He loves physical and gross motor activities. He likes ride-on toys, the trampoline, swings, etc. He mastered the rock-climbing wall on our play set much earlier than Noah or Zoe did, and he has no fear going down the slide on his own. We had him in gymnastics, which he liked, but he had a hard time focusing. When he gets a little older, we’ll definitely try to channel some of his energy into sports. Christian and I joke about how he will be a football player because he is so tough. Noah was sitting on the floor next to his friend, Liam, at Zoe’s birthday party. Liam is a bit taller than Noah, and probably weighs about the same. Our little 28.5 pound Colin ran up between them with his arms out and tackled both of those 50 pound boys to the ground at the same time.

He sings a lot, and he’s a dancing fool. He sings “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and his ABCs (with some letters missing here and there) all the time. He also sings to songs in my car. He can’t do the full songs, but he loves songs with repetitive verses, like “Girls” by Beastie Boys, “Low” by Flo-Rida, or “Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy.  

If I had to use one word to describe Colin it would be charming. He is just so adorable and he has this big personality. He has definitely learned to use this to his advantage. A lot of the time when he is frustrated he throws tantrums, but he is using his charm as his coping mechanism more and more. Even his therapists have said that when he can’t do something, he bats his eyelashes, tilts his head, smiles, and starts acting cute to get them to help him. His developmental pediatrician remarked on what a good sense of humor he has and told us he would not be surprised if Colin is the class clown someday.

Here’s our little Prince Charming:


5 thoughts on “Colin’s 2-year (29-month) update

    • Zoe has a few hairs on her eyelids, too, and even a few on her shoulders. I think 4 is a little young to wax her though!

  1. Sweet pics and nice update. It is just so amazing how fast our kids grow and change. Exciting and sad to see all at the same time.

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