Out of the Mouths: “How ’bout I stop when I’m five?”

Zoe is a thumb sucker. She always has been, but I’m hoping she won’t always be. When we realized it early on, we tried to give her a pacifier, knowing that it’s easier to take away a paci than it is to take away a thumb. She wouldn’t have it.

More recently I’ve tried pleading with her. I’ve tried reasoning with her. I made sure the dentist told her how pretty her teeth are, but that they won’t always be if she keeps sucking her thumb. I told her princesses don’t suck their thumbs. I’ve tried to bribe her. Name the tactic, I’ve tried it.

Today I told her she’s such a big girl now that she’s four-years-old, and that she really should stop. She said, “But, Mom, I like sucking my thumb. How ’bout I stop when I’m five?”


6 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths: “How ’bout I stop when I’m five?”

  1. Well, sure, five sounds like a good age. If you can get her to stop, do it. I sucked mine (of course only at night) until I was 12. Ugh. And I say of course only at night and I could say she wont’ do it at school and she certainly won’t be in high school doing it but I had this girl in a COLLEGE class with me that sucked hers in class every.single.day. Seriously.

  2. Same exact story with Addy. Addy also rubs the mole on Tony’s arm to go to sleep. When she turned 4.5 she announced that she didn’t need to do it anymore! I was so relieved. I was sure that meant there was hope for the thumb. But alas, a week later she started back up and when we told her she was 4.5 and didn’t need to do that anymore she said “I don’t NEED to but I WANT to!” 😛 She also won’t even ELUDE to quitting when she’s five. She always picks Noah’s age, which is 4 years older than she is! Eek! Something tells me she’s going to be a closet thumb sucker for many years to come. Thankfully it’s only at night at this point.

  3. We’ve had similar conversations with BB. She only does it when she’s tired, so I’m not too concerned about it. Funny thing, she can’t seem to do it properly without a Taggie blankie, so perhaps we can take those away and she’ll have to stop. For now it helps her soothe and fall asleep and for just that little bit I haven’t worried and the dentist said not to battle it… yet.

  4. My six-year-old still sucks his two middle fingers. We’ve talked about it and talked about it and talked about it. We also have him wear a mitten at night, and sometimes during they day. Though that has helped a bit, it isn’t fixing the problem. It is, however, affecting his teeth and mouth, so we may have to have some kind of appliance put in his mouth so he can’t suck the fingers any more. That’s what the dentist told us, anyway. So, yeah, if she would quit at five, that would be great!

  5. Ob boy. What a tough thing to deal with. Jammer nibbles on things, his blankies, the corner of his shirt etc. I hope she doesn’t really wait another year to give the habit up.

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