Zoe’s (almost) 4-year update

Zoe will be a “big” four-year-old the day before Thanksgiving. I say “big” with quotes because she is tiny. She weighs 28.5 pounds and is 38 inches tall. Colin is 19-months younger than Zoe, and they are the same weight (although Colin is 2 inches shorter). Many people just assume she is small because she is Vietnamese, but she is smaller even than many other Vietnamese girls her age we know. She can wear one brand of 3T jeans if the waist is adjusted in all the way. She was wearing 2T jeans at the beginning of the fall, but she had a bit of a growth spurt. In summer clothes, she can wear 12-month shorts and skirts, but they started getting too short and I have this silly objection to dressing my pre-schooler in hotpants. I eventually found some baby boys’ size 6-9-month shorts that were perfect because they were longer.

Her personality, however, is anything but tiny. We found out from her teachers recently that she and two of her friends have been getting in trouble at circle time because they don’t want to be quiet. They also don’t want to come in from the playground. Apparently, after several days of the playground problem, the class went in without them and the school’s director (the “principal”) came outside with them. They didn’t like that very much, and they have been much more cooperative since. Great. Our not-even-four-year-old daughter is already getting in trouble at school. We are so in for it when this girl is a teenager.

We’ve had a few concerns about Zoe’s listening skills and her attention span, but we’ve talked to her teachers and they say they still think it is normal for her age. They said that even though she has some trouble being quiet at circle time, etc, she is advanced in other areas. They said she has a larger vocabulary than most of the kids and pointed out that she was one of the only kids who came into the class already able to write her name. They said that she does more art projects and more sensory stations than any other kid in the class (which I pretty much already knew since she comes home almost every day with a paint on her clothes or glue in her hair. Today she came home with her original shirt AND the back-up shirt I keep in her backpack covered in red and orange paint – I go through gallons of stain remover because of that girl.

Zoe is SO social. Even last year, before she was three, she could tell me the names of all of the kids in her class and she could identify their mommies. Now she knows almost every kid in the school and knows who each kids’ brothers and sisters are. We have always had birthday parties with cousins and our friends’ children, but this year she wanted to invite some friends from her class as well. I thought that SURELY some girls would not be able to make it (I mean, it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and all), but almost all of them are coming. I thought we were going to have 14-15 kids total, and we are having *21*. I’m sure it will be a blast, but WOW. At least it’s not at our house!

She has quite the attitude sometimes. The kids watched Monsters vs. Aliens, and there is a part where Susan calls Derrick a selfish jerk. One day she asked if she could play on the computer and I told her she had had enough computer time for the day. She went and sat on the stairs, just out of my view, but I could hear her mumbling. When I went and asked what she was saying, she said, “I said you were a selfish jerk for not letting me play on the computer.” I sent her to her room so I could have a time out. Then we had a talk about how just because someone says something in a movie doesn’t mean it’s OK for us to say it.

Her favorite song is “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. She first heard it watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. Alvin sings it while taking a shower in the dishwasher. However, since it was hilarious hearing her sing, “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me. Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me,” I have since been a bad, bad Mommy by playing it on my iPod and encouraging her. I’m sure it will come back to bite me in the butt someday (like when she sings it at school or something), but it’s just too funny.


8 thoughts on “Zoe’s (almost) 4-year update

  1. Oh don’t even get me started on the pants. Binh is 27lbs. and 36 in. tall right now. I’m praying for a growth spurt, but since I’ve been doing that for about 3 years now, I won’t be holding my breath.
    I love the “Don’t Cha'” story. I would probably let my kids listen to it too!

  2. Zoe is such a sweet girl. She has such a kind heart. I was watching a small group of girls playing ring around the rosy at her party. One little girl was NOT going to let anyone else in the circle. . She saw the gril trying to get in the circle and said “sure, sure, sure” and opened up the circle. Such a kind heart- you’ve raised her well.

    I have to tell you, what Zoe said and how she said it reminded me of a little Vietnamese lady on the streets of Hanoi. I heard plenty of sales lady say that. “sure sure sure, you like”. 🙂

    She is a cutie and it was a fun party!

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