Noah’s (almost) 5-year update

I haven’t done official updates on the kids in forever, so I decided that getting their pictures taken was a good reason to get my butt in gear. I posted all of the cute group pics, but saved the individual ones for their individual posts.

Noah is four, but he will be a big five-year-old at the end of January. He is so excited to start kindergarten next year. He talks about it a lot. He has a really good friend at his pre-school who lives in our neighborhood, and they will ride the bus together. I’m not sure he knows exactly what kindergarten is though. He visited his cousin Michael’s school last spring for a trike race right before the Indy 500, and he has been excited about it ever since. I’m afraid he will be a bit disappointed to learn that they don’t have tricycle races everyday.

Noah weighs 49 pounds and is almost 44 inches tall. It’s hard to remember sometimes that he is only 10 months older than Zoe because he has 20 pounds and six inches on her.

He loves Star Wars, Transformers, Spiderman, Batman, and Ironman. He’s seen one Star Wars movie, but it was when he was in the hospital this summer and he didn’t feel well enough to really get into it. He’s seen a few cartoons of the various superheroes, but mainly he just likes them because the other boys in his class like them. Apparently he and two other boys have really bonded because they have the same light-up Star Wars shoes, and he got very excited when he and another friend had the same Batman shirt.

I usually think of Noah as kind of a quiet, analytical kid, but we’re told he’s quite popular at school. Last year his teachers told us that he kept everyone entertained at lunch because he was such a jokester. This year his teachers tell us that the other kids think it’s a pretty big deal when they get to sit next to him at snack or lunch.

He’s really sweet. He’ll say, “Mommy, I want to cuddle with you,” and come sit on my lap or lie on the couch next to me. He loves to have his back scratched.

He’s also really helpful. He usually goes downstairs before I finish getting ready in the morning and gets his lunch and Zoe’s lunch out of the fridge and puts them in their backpacks. Many times I come down and he has his shoes and jacket on, with his backpack on his back. It’s a mother’s dream…

One things that worries me about him is that he is too sensitive sometimes, but he has gotten much better about it just over the past few months. He used to really cry whenever he got even the smallest injury. Sometimes he still does, but we’ve talked about ways he can handle it better, that he needs to take some deep breaths, etc, and he has taken it to heart. Now he often tells me that he is injured and that he needs an ice pack. It’s usually some teeny tiny injury that in no way requires an ice pack, but I’ll take an ice pack request over crying any day.

He used to be really bad about not wanting to get dirty, but he’s getting better. He plays in the dirt and sand and the playground with the other boys. He still doesn’t really like to do messy art projects, but he’s gotten really into making paper airplanes and other paper projects with tape and staples. He and his buddy made light sabers with folded paper and colored masking tape today.

He has a really good memory. My parents’ dog, Chelsea, died about a year and a half ago. Out of the blue, Noah started talking about her the other night. He was saying that she was a really good dog, except for a couple of things. Once, she apparently got some bacon off a table that my mom had just cooked for the kids, and Noah was telling me all about in it great detail. Then he said, “And there was that time when she chewed through the cord to the fountain in grandma’s backyard. Grandma had to throw that whole damn cord away.” (I laughed pretty hard because I’m almost certain he was quoting my mom directly on that one.)

He’s recently gotten more interested in music and he sings pretty often. He used to sing, but he would get embarrassed if he realized we were listening to him. Now he just belts it out. His current favorite song is “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz with Ludacris. He sings, “I’m only gonna break, break, your break, break your heart.”

Look at these pictures. My baby is gone and someone replaced him with a little heartbreaker… sniff.


5 thoughts on “Noah’s (almost) 5-year update

  1. Gosh, it’s just happened so fast. It floors me that he is almost 5, especially thinking back to how little he was the first time we met. You should be one proud mama!

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