Tet Trung Thu

Last Saturday we celebrated Tet Trung Thu (the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival) at a local Vietnamese Buddhist temple. We went last year, too. Those pictures are here.

We met up with Kelli and Aiden and Angel and Chloe. This was the best shot we could get of most of the kids (Colin wanted nothing to do with it).

Noah and Zoe at the map of Vietnam:

Watching the fish in the pond:

Later we put lotus lanterns in the pond:

The kids all got balloons, but Colin let his go:


“Where did it go?”

Noah showing off his lantern:

And rubbing Buddha’s belly:

Zoe is usually afraid of the lion and dragon dances, but once the boys doing the dances took the costumes off, she finally got brave enough to go near the heads.


3 thoughts on “Tet Trung Thu

  1. I thought that was Aiden! I’ve never put together that you might know each other. Yes, I’m slow..
    Looks like a great time. I’d love to have something like that in our community.

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