Out of the Mouths: Baby Shower

Our friends Matt and Lori welcomed little Camden yesterday at only 34-weeks. It was a stressful couple of days, but both Lori and Camden are doing well. The little guy was only in the NICU for five hours, and will get to come home with his mom and dad in a couple of days.

Ironically, Lori’s baby shower was scheduled for this weekend. Since she and baby are doing well, it’s still on, but Camden won’t be there so he can be protected from germs.

Zoe has been feeling a bit left out lately. Noah and Colin have gotten some extra attention because of their health issues, so I thought it would be nice to take Zoe with me to the baby shower for some girl time. She’s been telling Noah, Colin, and Daddy, “It’s just for the girls.”

However, there may some confusion as to what a “baby shower” is. Colin’s developmental therapist was here this morning, and Noah told her that Zoe and I were going to go “wash a baby” this weekend.


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