Bummer…but October is still going to be our month

I hope I didn’t jinx things by writing that October is going to be our month a few hours ago. The ED from Colin’s new school called today, and they asked if they could push his start date back a week. Sigh. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a September 27th start date and running around trying to get all of the stuff for his room together, but now it will be October 4th.

She was very apologetic and explained that they need and extra week to train their new therapist. Colin is getting a therapist who has been there for a couple of years, but they needed to hire a new therapist to work with the child that Colin’s therapist has been working with. I understand, but I am just anxious to get started and get off the roller coaster. I just want things to be settled and normal. 

It was good that she called though, because I was able to ask some more questions. I’m feeling better and better about choosing this school. I asked more questions about how we would implement what they were doing at school at home. She explained that the first week or two will be a sort of extended assessment. After that they will write his goals for the next six months and we will come in for a conference to see if we agree with those goals and if we feel anything needs to be added. Then they will send home weekly reports about he is with those goals, which will include things for us to work on at home. She also assured me that we will be in constant contact with her, the clinical director, and Colin’s therapist.

October is still going to be our month. He’s still starting at the beginning of October. I know we will continue to be in transition for several weeks, but things ARE still going to be better in October. I know it.


3 thoughts on “Bummer…but October is still going to be our month

  1. I strongly believe in self-fulfilled prophecy and I think that if you believe that things are going to get better, they definitely will. Plus, it does not hurt that you are doing everything in your power to help it along :). October WILL be better!!!

  2. Once I have momentum I hate to go backwards, so I feel your pain! I do like how the ED called and was honest with you – as they SHOULD be of course – and it sounds like they first few days will be more low key with observation. You are more than due a break – got my fingers crossed!

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