I heart SkinnyKidz belts!

SkinnyKidz belts were invented by two of my fellow Vietnam adoptive bloggy moms. They launched the product earlier this year, but I didn’t order mine until just a few weeks ago. It’s easier for me to find clothes for my skinny kids in the summer. Zoe wears a lot of dresses and I can buy smaller sizes in shorts for Colin because I don’t have to worry about the length as much. Now that they needed pants for the fall though, I knew I had to try SkinnyKidz belts!

This is Zoe, wearing her first pair of jeans in two years! She is almost four, and she is skinny! For the past two winters, she has worn grey or black yoga pants almost every day. I bought six pairs of grey and six pairs of black at the beginning of each season, and that was pretty much her wardrobe. These jeans are a size 2T (remember – she’s almost four!) and they have an adjustable waist, adjusted all the way in, but they were still too big. With the SkinnyKidz belt, she can actually wear them!!!

See how it does not go across the front of her jeans? That is my FAVORITE part. I’ve purchased belts for her before, but they were a real pain for her to undo when she had to go potty. That’s what makes the SkinnyKidz belt so cool!

Colin is a skinny kid, too, although he’s caught up a bit in the past several months. He’s not quite as skinny as Zoe, but he’s still skinny. I was going through all of Noah’s old clothes the other night to see if there was anything in there that would work for the fall/winter. The shirts are all fine, but the waists of the pants were all too big. My boys are just built differently (Noah is at the 95th percentile for height and weight, and Colin is in the 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight). Luckily, the SkinnyKidz belts solves the problem in most of the pants! I am so excited that I don’t have to buy him Colin new clothes for the winter.

Another great thing about SkinnyKidz is that they do a charity belt each month, where all of the proceeds of a particular belt go to a certain chairty. This month’s charity is one of my favorites, LOVE146, an organization that works for the abolition of child sex slavery and trafficking. Check out the September charity belt here.

I have not been paid in any way for this endorsement. I just really love these belts and want give my support to my friends for this amazing invention!


One thought on “I heart SkinnyKidz belts!

  1. I HAVE to check those our for Jammer. And I’m sure Sunshine will need them when she is older too. Thanks for the recommendation. I’d share great things too if I found some. Us moms need to stick together.

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