First day of pre-school (Four’s, Three’s, and Two’s)

Today was the first day of school for Noah and Zoe at their church pre-school. They go on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Colin only goes Mondays and Wednesdays, so his first day of school isn’t technically until tomorrow*, but I wanted to get a picture of all three of them.

Noah has gone to this school for three years. This was his very first day of school in 2007. Zoe has been going since the summer of 2008, and Colin started last year. Noah is in the Four’s class, Zoe is in the Three’s, and Colin is in the Two’s. And, yes, other parents at the school do look at me kind of funny when I tell them that.

*Colin has his assessment at his ABA school Thursday and then he will start about a month after that. He will go Monday through Thursday. It takes them a while to write his plan, set goals, arrange staffing schedules, etc, so he will go to the church pre-school in the meantime.


2 thoughts on “First day of pre-school (Four’s, Three’s, and Two’s)

  1. They look really cute with the huge backpacks! Good luck to Noah and Zoe in church preschool and I hope the ABA school proves to be everything that you hope for for Colin.

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