The best birthday present

Today is my birthday. It was also Noah’s follow-up heart echo and appointment with the infectious disease doctor. I never thought I would say, “All I want for my birthday is for my four-year-old’s coronary arteries to be OK,” but that’s what I said last night. Thankfully, I got my wish.

Noah’s heart echo and EKG came back normal. Since Noah got the IVIG treatment for Kawasaki Disease two weeks late, they said he is sort of in a “gray area.” Normally they would release him with this normal heart echo, but they want to do another one in three weeks just to be safe. If it’s normal again, they will give him a clean bill of health. They just said we should make sure he’s monitored if he ever plays sports competitively when he gets older. (He’s OK’d for T-Ball in September though.)

8 thoughts on “The best birthday present

    • He’s still not 100%, but he is doing much better. He does not seem as tired and he is having melt-downs less often. He goes back to pre-school after Labor Day, so I’m hoping things will continue to improve once we’re back on a better schedule.

  1. Woo hoo! And I hope you never need to make a similar birthday wish again. My wish for you may all your wishes come true (hopefully more simple than this from here on out!).

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