State Fair

Last Friday, Grandma, Mimi, and I took the kids to the fair. Since Colin and I rode the train last weekend, Mimi rode the train with Noah and Zoe. Grandma, Colin, and I met them when they got off at the fair.

We started out at “Little Hands on the Farm.” There were different stations where the kids either put something in their basket, “fed” the animals, etc. They were supposed to feed the grain to the pigs, but Colin thought this (pretend) pig might like eggs instead.

Zoe fed her pig the grain.

She planted a seed and then picked up her vegetable from the other side of the garden.

Noah wasn’t really into this activity until he saw the pedal tractors AND realized there was a prize at the end if he completed all of the stations. He quickly ran backwards through the course to grab his grain, egg, vegetable, apple, and wool.

Noah milking a (pretend) cow.

Grandma and Noah went on an elephant ride. Noah said, “Mommy, that elephant was stinky.”

Noah and Zoe did the pony rides, but Colin wanted nothing to do with it.

They pretended to drive lots of tractors.


Buckle up for safety!

Colin enjoyed the shade of his stroller. This is what he does now when I ask him to say, “Cheese.”

One barn had a play area where the kids could (pretend) fish.

Zoe could not get her fish to stick to the magnet at the end of her pole, so she just decided to pick the fish up and stick it on.

Colin loved the train table. Trains are his absolute fave these days.

We rode $60 worth of rides. Since the kids aren’t tall enough, they make the adults ride, and the adults have to PAY, too. What a rip-off. I was able to keep them away from the mid-way last year, but this year the rides were the highlight.

Noah LOVED this slide. Zoe wanted nothing to do with it. Although Colin’s face does not look like he is enjoying it, he said he wanted to do it, then said he wanted to do it again, and climbed all the way up on his own both times. The boys first rode with my mom and then they rode with me.


6 thoughts on “State Fair

  1. Chloe loved the farm thing!

    And weren’t those rides a rip off!?!?

    I got lucky on the slide…they didn’t make me pay to ride it with Chloe. Though it could be because I was all, “Do I SERIOUSLY have to pay just so she can sit on my lap on the way down!?” And he had sympathy on me.

    • The only one they let me ride for free was the carousel, and the guy made it clear that I could NOT get on a horse or sit on a bench. I had to stand next to the kids.

  2. Well, I so didn’t get lucky on the slide- spent $25 pretty much on just the slide. Hope your back hasn’t felt any side affects from the slide. I had a few iffy days.

    • My back was OK on the slide, but I thought the little dragon roller coaster was going to kill me. I used to LOVE roller coasters, but I think those days are over if that little silly one hurt me so badly. I’m getting old. 🙂

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