Out of the Mouths: “True Love”

We purposely don’t let the kids have very many toys in their rooms because we don’t want them to stay up playing when they should be in bed. We have an eat-in kitchen, so we made our dining room a play room and we keep all of the toys there. (We don’t have nice dining room furniture anyway. The $99 table and chairs I bought when I got my first apartment in 1996 is stored in our basement.)

However, Zoe has quite a few dolls in her room. We know she plays with them when she first goes to bed because we can hear her talking over the monitor when she’s supposed to be sleeping. I would love to be able to hear what she is saying, but we usually can’t quite make it out. As long as she eventually goes to sleep, we generally just let her play.

The other morning Zoe said to Christian, “Daddy, last night in my bed Elmo told Tiana he wanted to be her true love.”

Zoe is very into princesses, so we hope that she just meant Elmo wanted “true love’s first kiss” from Tiana and not anything else. I posted this on Facebook though and my friend Christy replied, “I don’t know. I’ve heard Elmo is a real *monster* in bed.”


Edited to add: Christian just reminded me that we don’t even have the $99 dining room table anymore. We gave it away when we bought the new house so we didn’t have to move it.



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