Fair Train

Colin and I spent some quailty time alone together today and took a ride on the fair train. We didn’t actually go to the fair (my mom and I are taking all three kids next week). We just rode to the fair and back. It was about an hour round trip. It’s usually pretty hectic when I have all three kids, so it was really nice to be able to give Colin my full attention. He was so good. He is obsessed with trains since we went to see Thomas, so he had a blast.

I just wish I could have gotten a photo of him without the binky! He seems more and more attached to it these days and I know we need to take it away soon (sigh).

I love this Ladies Man t-shirt, too. It used to be Noah’s, but he wore it when he was 15-months-old, and it only finally fits Colin now that he is 25-months-old!


4 thoughts on “Fair Train

  1. Sorry I haven’t been commenting. Colin is such a handsome little guy, love that smile and that hair! Bet he loved some of that alone time.

    I’m sad to hear about Noah’s illness and hospital stay – no fun! 😦 You are right to look for another pediatrician, most are too cautious, hope you find one that works more as a partner.

    Take care,
    Jill C.

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