To the dentist

I have mentioned before that when it comes to going to the dentist, I I am doing my best, however, not to pass my weird dental phobia on to my children. I am several months late for my own six-month cleaning, and I have re-scheduled it three times already. The kids were only one month late for their appointment. At least I only re-scheduled it once before we actually made it there.

This was Colin’s first trip to the dentist. He did OK. He got a little upset when they were poking around his mouth and mainly he just didn’t want to stay in the chair, but it was a successful visit overall.

I only know that Colin did well because Christian told me. I really didn’t get a chance to see how things went with Colin at all, because I was comforting Noah the entire time. Noah absolutely FLIPPED OUT. He has been to the dentist a couple of times already, and he has been fine, so this kind of took us by surprise. I try to be careful and not say anything about my fear of the dentist in front of the kids, and I don’t think dental phobias are genetic, so the only thing I can think of is that it reminded him of the hospital. I kept telling him that they weren’t going to use any needles, but he was still so upset. It was heartbreaking.

The redeeming part of the visit was that our baby girl was a CHAMP. That’s very lucky for us, since we were each attached to a son. Zoe sat in the chair alone for most of the visit, and she even went back for x-rays with the hygienist


They told her what beautiful teeth she had, but I threw in, “But she really needs to stop sucking her thumb so her teeth stay beautiful, right?!”

Of course they gave a chorus of, “Oh, yes, Zoe. Your mommy is right. You really shouldn’t suck your thumb.”

Later she looked at me and whispered, “But Mommy, I really like to suck my thumb.”


5 thoughts on “To the dentist

  1. Sweet! Poor Noah. That would kill me. You are already doing better than me if you can even take your kids! I have made Tony do it for the last 8 years! LOL I just can’t stomach it.

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