Superbowl 2010 (Six months late)

Talk about being behind on pictures… I have no idea why I never posted these from the Superbowl. Maybe it took me six months to get over the loss? I was so sure we were going to win that game. Oh well, at least we did win this one (I can’t believe how little Noah was then. It was right before we traveled to get Zoe).

Anyway, I had the light setting incorrect when I took all of these pictures. I had to do a lot of editing to make them look decent, and they still don’t look great. Why did I spend all of that time editing, uploading them to the blog, and then leave them in my drafts folder? I have absolutely no idea. Brain fart, I guess. I stumbled upon them this weekend. Oops. 

My step-dad and his dog, Leo (Leo was only 50 lbs when we got him for Tom and we thought he was full-grown. Now he’s 90 lbs. Sorry Mom!):

My mom, the kids, and cousins Madison, Olivia, and Michael:

Playing on Daddy:






My Grandma and all the kids:


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