Referrals for a new pediatrician?

I already posted this on Facebook, but if you know me in real life (and, therefore, know where we live) and we aren’t friends on Facebook for some reason, I have a question:

We had to push awfully hard with our current pediatrician to get referrals to First Steps and a developmental specialist for Colin, and then to an infectious disease doc for Noah. We are hoping to find someone who might be a little more responsive. We’re not looking for someone who’s going to order tests and procedures out the wazoo or anything, but our kids really needed these referrals and we feel like their doctor was too lax about it (In all three cases he said, “Oh, I think we can wait a while and see what happens.”).

Ideally, we would also like to find a pediatrician of color (African-American, Asian, Hispanic, whatever) that would be convenient to our new house (north, east, or one of the suburbs to the north would be OK). Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Referrals for a new pediatrician?

  1. Dont’ have any ideas for you Tracy. But, I called First Steps the week after we were home with both kids and didn’t get the ped. referral first. After the first meeting with the vooridinator they sent papers for the ped. to fill out. Good luck in your search!

  2. If you lived here I would have a name for you in an instant. It isn’t right that your current ped fought you so much on those referrals. A change is definitely in order. Good luck with the search. I know it isn’t an easy one.

  3. I also have a GP for my kids and he didn’t mind referring me on. Also the ENT got us hooked up with a Respiratory Doc, and then onto a Immunologist. I was wondering if you knew of a doctor or etc, that works with adopted children with early Trauma, ADHD, FAS, etc? I’ve taken my son to several places and they just want to forget about his past and only work on correcting his bad behavior. It has also been really hard because my husband just looks at him as being a brat. I have 4 bio children and feel like I know a little bit about this. I would appreciate any feed back. Kathie

  4. I am on my second ped. My ped does nothing with development. My nephews have autism and I knew the system b4 I was a parent.

    I would suggest you find a DAN! practitioner. It is an “autism” dr, per se, however, it is someone who treats “the WHOLE body” not just what hurts that day. (just bc they are a DAN! dr does not mean they can’t treat kid without autism!

    My other suggestion would be that you join YAHOO groups or MEETUP for moms going through FAS, or other siutuations you are dealing with and ask who they use.

  5. SO happy to hear Noah is home!
    Finding a GOOD pediatrician is such a challenge for us. We literraly shop for pediatricians. We move a lot and therefore have to do this all over again. Hope you find someone caring, knowledgable, and that you trust.

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