Noah got IV fluids throughout Wednesday night. He still wasn’t doing great this morning, so I was a little concerned. As long as he wasn’t eating, drinking, or peeing, he couldn’t go home. Then out of nowhere, he asked for pancakes and apple juice. Hooray!

I knew the big trick was keeping things down, so I watched with trepidation as he ate the pancakes. “Don’t eat too much, Honey! Maybe it would be better if we just put a little bit of syrup on them. Too much syrup might upset your stomach.”

He ate and he was suddenly a changed man. He was smiling and talking and even wanted to go play when the volunteers came. (I took the puke bucket with us just in case). 

He was in the middle of the activity when our nurse came down to get us because the infectious disease doctor was doing rounds on our floor. We booked back upstairs to wait for the verdict.

Noah hadn’t really talked to the doctor the whole time we had been there since he had been feeling so crummy, but this morning he was talking his ear off as he proudly showed off his Transformers. They discharged him in record time. (Seriously. I thought we would be there at least another two hours, but we were in our car within 30 minutes. I was very impressed.)

We follow-up with another heart echo and an appointment with the infectious disease doctor in about a month. They may repeat the heart echo a year after that, but they really believe that Noah won’t have any problems as long as that echo next month is clear.

We washed Brownie, the Bakugan pillow, and the Batman blanket on the sani-rinse cycle as soon as we got home. (I really didn’t think we needed to bring any hospital germs into Noah’s bed.)  Then we all laid down for naps around 3pm. I think the kids all slept for three hours (Zoe and Colin don’t sleep as well at Grandma and Grandpa’s, so they were really tired, too). I wouldn’t know for sure though because I didn’t wake up when they did. Christian said I was zonked out, so he took them downstairs and fed them dinner while I snoozed away. I woke up at 8:30pm when they came upstairs for baths.

It’s about 11:30pm now. I’ve been trying to catch up on some e-mails and stuff, but I’m going to try to go to bed and try to get back on a normal schedule. Noah has been more active today than he has been in the last three weeks, so I’m pretty sure he is going to be ready to GO  after a full night’s sleep in his own bed. Plus, Colin has occupational therapy and behavioral therapy appointments tomorrow, so there’s no rest for the weary!

Ahhhh. I’m so glad to be home.


6 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Welcome home! I hope that Noah is over this hurdle and soon it will be just a bad memory.

    I was going to write to you a while back but each time I got destructed. Anyways, what I wanted to say is: I am from Ukraine and over the years I came across many kids and adults with FAS, I even had a couple in my class at school. Granted, I am not an expert, but to me Colin does NOT look like he has FAS. At all! I do not know how much this helps you, but I just wanted to share. I hope that with the help of therapy you can overcome that hurdle too.

  2. So happy you guys are home and on your way to good health. It’s weird, I haven’t been to blogs in a long time and last week started thinking about you. So glad I checked in and everyone is doing better.

  3. I too am glad to read that you are finally home and Noah is almost back to his normal self. Hopefully the coming days and weeks will be good ones.

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