I thought I was giving Christian the easy part

Christian and I had planned to split the night last night, but I ended up wanting to stay. Noah finished the IVIG around 3:30am. Nausea and vomiting can be a side effect, but he seemed fine. I sent Christian a text at 6:45am asking if we could switch so I could go home and take a nap. I told him that Noah was doing well and that I thought he probably just needed some Daddy time – watching Star Wars and playing Wii – to pass the day.

Then at 7:30 Noah said his head hurt. At 7:40am he threw up. It’s 8:45am now and he’s finally getting medication for the nausea, then they will wait 30 minutes for Tylenol (hoping he’ll be able to keep it down after getting the nausea medication via IV).

Noah slept better last night than the night before, but woke up once every 1-2 hours because he was uncomfortable, because he had to potty, because his monitor was beeping, because the monitor of the baby in the room with us was beeping, etc. They also had to take his vitals every half hour for a while, then every hour. One of the side effects of the IVIG is that the blood pressure can drop. The doctor’s orders were to call if it dropped below 80. His lowest BP was 80/54, so it was a bit unnerving.

I have to go home and take a nap. I’m hoping that the vomiting and headache are over soon and that Christian (and Noah) really do have the easy part today – waiting to be discharged this evening. I think we will all lose our minds if we have to stay another night.


11 thoughts on “I thought I was giving Christian the easy part

  1. Sorry he’s (and I’m sure you and Christian) having such a hard time. Poor thing. Hopefully, today will be a better day. Thinking of you all.

  2. Yikes – I bet you are just exhausted and so is Noah. I bet he sleeps for hours when he finally gets back to his comfy bed! Hang in there mama!

  3. And now you know why there is a McDonald’s at RIley. I hear they serve margaritas after 11pm?

    Hurry and get well, Noah!

    • I didn’t see margaritas on the menu. They do have those new smoothies. I wonder if I can request rum in mine. Think there’s a secret code word for that?

        • Maybe it’s a “Mommy’s Happy Meal.” I’ve ordered LOTS of regular Happy Meals (more than I should admit), and there was never anything that yummy involved, just a crappy plastic toy.

  4. Oh Gosh Tracy, I didn’t even think about the possible side effects. I wish there were something I could do to help. I hope Noah feels better soon.

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