Another night

Things were lookng good because Noah hadn’t vomited in a while, but then his heart rate went up. They sent him for an EKG which came back normal. They were a little concerned because he hadn’t really had anything to eat or drink today and he hadn’t peed much, but they were still talking about discharging him and setting up follow-up appointments. I had just gotten home and was getting ready to get some sleep, but Christian called me and told me to come back and get them (he didn’t have a car at the hospital).

I had only been back there a few minutes when Noah threw up out of nowhere. We weren’t quick enough to get him a bucket this time, so it was all over him, his favorite Star Wars jammies, the bed, and his dog Brownie. (Luckily they do have a washer and dryer in the parents’ lounge, so we were able to get Brownie and the jammies back to him in about an hour.)

The plan now is for him to get IV fluids through the night tonight. So yes, Noah will be spending another night in the hospital. Zoe and Colin are staying with my parents again (they are getting the much better end of this deal).

It’s about 5pm now. I’m at home and I’m going to try to get some sleep before going back to the hospital around 1am so Christian can come home (though he says he may end up staying, too).

Good times.


9 thoughts on “Another night

  1. Well, darn. I was so hoping you all would be home tonight so you could start trying to find that elusive normal again. Surely tomorrow night…

  2. Tracy, it’s going to get better from here. I know that you must be exhausted and very discouraged, but you’re giving Noah all the care he could possibly need, you’re doing the right things, and it won’t be long before it all bears fruit and Noah recovers. Just remember that you’re in the thoughts of so many of us!

  3. Poor little guy. Hoping tomorrow goes a little better and he’ll be able to come home. I can’t imagine having to keep a 4 year old couped up in the hospital…

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