Still in the hospital

Noah’s heart echo came back normal, but his blood work is still elevated. The infectious disease doctor told us that it may be late to be giving Noah the IV treatment (IVIG), but that he would still do it if it were his own child.

They started the IVIG at 5pm, and it should be done at roughly 3:30am. Protocol is usually to observe for 36 hours after the end of the IVIG, but they said they might release Noah tomorrow night since he doesn’t currently have a fever, as long as he doesn’t develop any complications. Please, please, please let there be no complications.

Noah has really been pretty good while we’ve been here, but he wants to go home so badly. He keeps saying he wants to go to his own bed. He had a complete meltdown when we told him we had to stay tonight (and I had a mini-meltdown).

Here’s our poor little hospital boy, with a few comforts from home (Star Wars jammies, Bakugan pillow, Batman blanket, and Brownie the dog):


11 thoughts on “Still in the hospital

  1. Poor guy! So glad the heart echo is normal. Hopefully there will be no complications from the IVIG (I’m afraid to ask what they even could be) and he won’t have to spend an extra 36 hours there.

  2. I’m so glad the echo was normal, but my heart is breaking for Noah and you. I hate that he has to be there…hopefully, never again.

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