In the hospital…

We could not get an appointment with any of the infectious disease doctors near us right away and we couldn’t get into any of the labs before they closed today, so we took the pediatrician’s advice to take Noah to the ER at one of the children’s hospitals in our city.

Guess where Noah and I are staying tonight?

Noah’s blood levels are still elevated, but they are better than they were two weeks ago. The two doctors in the ER do believe he has Kawasaki Disease. They consulted with the infectious disease doctor and he wanted Noah admitted. They have not started the IV yet because there is some question as to whether or not the treatment will be effective now. Ideally he should have gotten it two weeks ago.

Noah is supposed to have another heart echo tomorrow and the infectious disease doctor wants to examine him. He may order more tests, he may order the IV treatment, or he may say it’s too late and send him home.  If they end up doing the IV, it takes about 12 hours, so there’s a good possibility we might be here another night. But I haven’t told Noah that yet… He just keeps saying that he wants to go home and sleep in a real bed. Poor guy. We brought his Bakugan pillow, his Batman blanket, and his stuffed dog, Brownie. I’m hoping that makes it at least a little better for him.

For the record, watching my child get an IV when the nurse couldn’t find a vein was possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced. It was even worse than trying to get comfortable enough to sleep on this hard pull-out couch thing next to Noah’s bed, which sucks big time.


14 thoughts on “In the hospital…

  1. I would rather get 20 IV’s than watch while my child gets one! I am so sorry you both had to go through that. Are you in one of the children’s hospitals, and if so, which one? The one by your house or the one I know well?

      • Do NOT tell anyone who works there than you knew Jasen! (But you can keep Noah entertained for hours with the stories…well, maybe when he’s older.)

  2. Ugh. So sorry. I hope your stay is short and successful.

    May I come out there and beat your pediatrician senseless? Sorry, I have short fuses for pediatricians because of my job LOL.

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