Zoe’s new victim

We finally got rid of Emily and her snotty, crusty dreadlocks several months ago, but I should have known it wouldn’t take Zoe long to find a new victim.

Please let me introduce Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry Shortcake even smells like strawberries, so Zoe has an excuse to put those scented red locks up her nose. This is a typical exchange:

Me: “Zoe, DO NOT put your doll’s hair up your nose!”

Zoe: “But MOM! I need to SMELL it!”



7 thoughts on “Zoe’s new victim

  1. Addy needs to suck her thumb and rub on a mole. Unfortunately the mole has to be on your left upper arm…something I don’t happen to have. Only Tony. I am actually envious of the stinky hair routine. At least you can travel and leave her to sleep with other people because the hair is easy to transport, unlike my husband’s upper arm mole! LOL

    • Nicki – About an hour after I read your comment, Zoe was sitting on my lap and I realized she was rubbing a mole on my arm. I wonder if she’s done it before and I never noticed?

      Maybe you could find a fake mole at a costume shop this Halloween!

  2. She looks just like Josie with her blanket-she is always smelling that nasty thing. At least it’s easily washable. Can this doll go in the tub with her at least?

    • I think she could go in the tub and I think I could also put her in the washing machine. I just worry that she will lose her strawberry smell and Zoe will be upset!

  3. I clicked on the second pic just to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I was.
    A lock of SS’s hair is going right up Zoe’s nose! OMG! FUNNY!
    I hope this makes it into the wedding rehersal dinner’s slideshow one day. LOL

    • Oh, yes, the hair absolutely goes up her nose. And , yes, I think this is a great one for an embarrassing photo montage one day. It will go right after the one of Zoe reading a guitar magazine on the little potty and just before the one of her sucking her thumb while picking her nose at the same time.

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