Colin’s 2nd birthday


11 thoughts on “Colin’s 2nd birthday

  1. Holy FANCY cake! Happy birthday Colin.
    I cannot believe how he is grown. Really, no more baby look at all. He is a full grown toddler now.
    So very handsome.
    I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. Wow, time does fly! And he really is losing that baby look, which is a big *sniff* when you’re the mom, isn’t it? Happy birthday!

    • Yes, it is a big *sniff*. No more baby stuff. I found some bottles that were still in our cabinet for some reason. Probably time to get rid of those. I don’t even know why we packed the up and moved them to the new house!

  3. Such a handsome young man! I really love seeing him laughing with birthday cake on his face – no more eating problems? (I hope!)

    • The eating problems are better now that he is on Reglan. The 2nd birthday was much better than the 1st. He choked on the cake and threw up at the 1st birthday party, so I’d say there has definitely been some improvement!

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