My poor little boys

It’s just not right that I had to watch both of my boys have blood drawn within a few days of each other.

Colin’s appointment went well last week. This doctor does not think Colin has FAS, but could not rule out “Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder,” which would not be as extreme as FAS. They did some additional blood tests and are doing a chromosomal study for other things I can’t even spell. We should know in about two weeks.

In the meantime, Noah has been very sick. We’re not really the praying type, but if you could send good thoughts/ karma/ whatever our way, we would appreciate it. He has some blood work today that indicates he may have Kawasaki Disease, a virus that can do permanent damage to the heart. He’s having a heart echo tomorrow morning. We don’t really know much more yet, but what I’ve read says that he may need to be hospitalized for treatment.


8 thoughts on “My poor little boys

  1. Tracy, I’m so glad to hear the news about Colin; this is certainly a step away from what you had feared. And please keep in mind regarding Noah that you have caught it early, when it is definitely treatable, and that Noah has been a strong, vibrant kiddo, and that should really help him ward off any worrisome impact. Please keep us posted; you’ll be in our thoughts!

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