FAS facial recognition software

Does anyone out there have access to the software that measures facial features for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome markers? A friend of mine has it and is trying to scan Colin’s picture for me, but her computer crashed. We don’t have our appointment for a second opinion on the diagnosis until August 4th, and I think it’s entirely possible that I will lose my mind between now and then.

So far I have not been able to work my magic and get an earlier appointment. In fact, the appointment was supposed to be July 16th, but that is the date of the golf tournament fundraiser I plan at work. Christian could have taken Colin by himself, but I really wanted to be there, too. We have been on the cancellation list in case anything opens up, but so far no luck.

I know the diagnosis really does not matter right.this.second. The behavior problems and sensory issues are there whatever the diagnosis, and we are working with an occupational therapist, a developmental therapist, and a nutritionist to address those things. It will not kill me to wait five more weeks for a second opinion on why he has those behaviors and sensory issues.

Only it might.

I know that does not sound rational, but I am not handling much of this in a rational way. I just don’t deal well with uncertainty. I need a concrete diagnosis so I can make a plan. I realize that my plan could just be to continue with all of the therapies and deal with the behaviors for now, but that would be rational, and I seem incapable of that for the moment. I am stressed, and scared, and overwhelmed, and I don’t think I can make it like this for five more weeks.


5 thoughts on “FAS facial recognition software

  1. I hope someone can come up with the software for you! I would hate to wait 5 more weeks so I really hope an appointment opens up for you.
    Thinking about you guys!

  2. I didn’t know that there was software. Wow, technology sure has come a long way!

    I’m sorry the uncertainty is stressful. We are so invested in our kids and we just want them to be OK, but something things are out of our control and it is SO HARD. Hugs.

  3. We had both our girls evaluated at Kennedy Kreiger. They use the facial recognition software as part of the diagnosis. My younger daughter has many physical features of FAS and easily got the diagnosis without confirmed exposure, but she is easy peasy behavior-wise–no aggression, just a bit ADHHHHD– and no problems yet in school. On the other hand, my eldest DD with confirmed alcohol exposure, doesn’t seem to show any facial dysmorphia upon casual inspection. She has a beautiful philtrum. We and the psychiatrist were surprised when the software found mild facial dysmorphia. The (hispanic) psychiatrist feels that the software may not account for DD’s hispanic ethnicity. So at age 4, despite confirmed the alcohol exposure, sensory processing difficulty, explosive behavior, and problems with appropriate social interactions, DD only received a diagnosis of “Sentinal Findings, Alcohol Exposed” and ADHD. Frustrating! Yes, her IQ seems to be high, but that can just cause more problems (easier to find trouble!). The facial recognition software was not a magic bullet for us.

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