Foreign Correspondent Reports on Inter-country Adoption Fraud

From Christian:

I had a chance to take in these two video reports and one article compiled by ABC’s Foreign Correspondent international journalism group in Australia. They are a must-watch/must-read. They are primarily reporting about adoptions taking place in Ethiopia, but the issues raised are relevant to all inter-country adoption, including the inherent problems with the JCICS, the “harvesting” or recruiting of children for international adoption, and the reverse process of the adoption agencies actively recruiting potential adoptive parents from within Christian churches under the fallacy of international adoption being the calling or responsibility of all Christians. The article also points out the unbelievable disparity between the Australian international adoption process and the American system.

I cannot express the disgust I feel watching the video reports and reading the article. The video reports show clips from a CWA (Christian World Adoption) DVD catalog of children “available” for adoption. I’m not sure how CWA has the balls?/ ignorance?/ stupidity? to show this on their DVD catalog, but there are clips of a CWA employee openly recruiting families to facilitate the adoption of their children in an Ethiopian village. The same employee does go on to say that their children will become a part of an American family, but you know that not only does that part of the speech sometimes get left out when the cameras aren’t rolling, but it also seems as if no one will ever learn that meaning sometimes gets lost in translation and these birth families do not always understand the implications of their actions. Whether or not you believe that this happens on purpose or not, it does not excuse the practice!

Then there is the clip of the same employee as she is introducing two of the “orphans” up for adoption as they sit with their mother. The CWA employee says with a giant grin on her face and in a sing-song tone of voice, “their father has died.”

I just don’t have the words…

Also, watch in horror as the CWA’s lawyer is interviewed. I’m not sure I have the self-control to describe what they’ve done without destroying the computer screen with my fist, just go watch it:

Ethiopia – A Heartbreaking Assignment – August 15, 2009 by Mary Ann Jolley

Fly Away Children – August 15, 2009 by Andrew Geoghegan

Fly Away Home – February 15, 2010 by Mary Ann Jolley


2 thoughts on “Foreign Correspondent Reports on Inter-country Adoption Fraud

  1. Wow, a great post from my husband! Christian is an advocate for adoption reform, too, but he doesn’t talk about it as much as I do. Thanks for the post Honey!

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