Families for Orphans Act (FFOA) opposition

I wrote about my opposition to the Familes for Orphans Act last year.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2010, Global Action for Children sent a letter to the to the House of Representatives outlining the problems with this piece of legislation. The letter is available as a pdf on Ethica’s website.

The main points of the letter are:

1. Instead of building on the success of offices that are already working for children worldwide, the bill needlessly duplicates the Orphans Assistance Act (Public Law 109-95) in some areas and conflicts with the mandate in others to the detriment of children and their families…

2. The bill would impose expensive and impossible-to-achieve requirements on poor countries. This not only burdens already over-burdened countries with red tape, it puts the future of working programs already in place like child survival, maternal health and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in jeopardy…

3. Finally, the legislation disregards internationally agreed-upon definitions of orphan and greatly expands the definition to include children living in orphanages and other facilities who might still have family…

See the original letter for more complete details.  

The following organizations joined Global Action for Children as signatories:

American Adoption Congress

The Episcopal Church



Global Action for Children

Global AIDS Alliance

Holt International Children’s Services

Mothers Acting Up

Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform

United Methodist Church, General Board of Church & Society


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