Roll Call!

I haven’t done this in a while, so I thought maybe it was time to do a roll call. I know I might have some new readers because people have been interested in Zoe’s birthparent search and in our open adoption with Colin’s birthfamily.

If you are new here, or if you’ve been reading for a while but don’t normally comment, please leave a note on this post. You don’t have to say anything profound. You can leave a message for me, for the kids, or just let us know who you are. I plan to put this blog into a book someday for the kids, so it will be nice for them to know who their fans are!




42 thoughts on “Roll Call!

  1. Hi Tracy, I’ve been reading your blog probably since Colin came home. I like your style and sense of humor. Plus, I am trying to get used to the idea that we will be buying a minivan soon πŸ™‚ I would love to read the protected posts, so if you do not mind, please email me the password. Thank you!

  2. I’m here! Still trying to decide about making the trip with Chloe alone tonight/tomorrow, so I may or may not see you!

  3. I don’t think I’ve commented yet, so, “Hello!” I’ve been reading since you added your blog to the open adoption blog list. I’d love to get your password, if you don’t mind.

  4. Hey- I began reading your blog for info about birth parent searches in VN. Our son was born in Ha Noi. You have a wonderful family.

  5. Hey! I have been reading your blog forever, but rarely post. I have 4 kids and work full time, so my computer time is limited. I live in your state, just in the southern part! I really enjoy your blog!

  6. New here. I am a bio mom to 2 teenage boys and adoptive mom to an 8 yr old Vietnamese princess. I enjoy your writing style!

  7. It is me, Karen, the pediatric OT from the mid coast of Maine… Colin’s new diagnosis is extremely interesting to me… several children on my case load have or are suspected of having FAS and drug exposure… don’t have a blog but do have a facebook page if you want to find out more about me.

  8. Still reading everytime they show up….It fun to keep up with the family this way…much love to all

  9. Fellow Vietnam AP-found you . .???? Not sure-from someone else’s blog no doubt. I would be interested in reading some of the BP details if you wouldn’t mind sharing the PW with me. Been thinking about going that route myself.

  10. I’m still here too! I miss you my friend! Went through a box of Okinawa goodies today while cleaning the basement and have so many wonderful memories of you:) Love keeping up with you this way.

  11. I’m here and anxious to read each new blog. I really missed you writing when you guys moved!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I was with you guys when you went to Vietnam to get Zoe. Your writing style is encapsulating and so very interesting. I love to find out what the kids have done or said in your next blog. Please keep on keeping on. Love, T. Culbreath

  12. i visit still. we share the same VN agency. enjoy reading your blog, i would love access to read about find birthparents too

  13. Thanks for commenting everyone. Honestly I had ulterior motives on this one. I think Colin’s birthfamily has found this blog, and I was hoping that they would de-lurk and let me know. No such luck.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting. It’s good to hear from old friends and meet new ones, too! I love love love comments on my blog. I read each and every one. It makes me feel good to know that people think my writing is interesting enough to follow!

  14. Hi Tracy, i have been reading your blog since you were in Vietnam with Zoe. IΒ΄m from Spain, and IΒ΄m adopting from Vietnam too. I read your blog all week, and I laught a lot with it. You have a wonderful familie.

    Kisses from Spain


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