Cabo photos – Zoe

Zoe stayed awake on both flights there and on the flight from Cabo to Dallas. She also stayed awake on the last flight home, until 15 minutes before we landed. For the record, if I were only three feet tall and 25 pounds, and could get this comfortable in an airplane seat (and wasn’t traveling with my children, of course), I would have spent EVERY FLIGHT this way. So.Not.Fair.


5 thoughts on “Cabo photos – Zoe

    • I am fully aware of how much trouble we are in with Zoe. 🙂 She’s beautiful and full of attitude. A deadly combination!

      Colin has a serious thing for shoes. He usually puts Noah or Zoe’s on, but it was too funny went he put on Christian’s giant kicks.

  1. Until I got pregnant, I actually slept like that in airplane seats, too. It is quite a skill if I do say so myself 🙂

    I guess those days are over, huh? 🙂 The last time I tried, I was 16ish weeks, and it was just starting to get uncomfortable. There are definite benefits to being short! Maybe she will enjoy years of airplane sleep!

  2. How is it that children seem to age years as soon as they turn 3? Zoe has gone from an adorable toddler to a beautiful little girl overnight.

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