I spent a day in bed, but did my best to make up for it

The last week has been rough. On top of all of the stuff with Colin, I screwed something up pretty badly at work. It’s fixed now, and in the end it’s not a big deal, but I don’t screw things up and it bothers me. I actually screwed it up back when I was having so much trouble with my back, but just figured out that I screwed it up this week. The lesson learned is that I am not as functional on Vicodin as I thought I was.

I spent a day in bed. I told my mom I just needed one day to lie in bed and be depressed about everything, and then I would make myself get over it. She took the kids for the day and I just slept. It helped. (Thanks Mom.)

On the days I was not in bed, I was very busy:

  • We got an appointment with another developmental specialist to get a second opinion for Colin. It’s not until mid-July, which seems like forever from now, but that’s what we got. I’m going to call on Monday to try to work my magic, or at least get on their cancellation list.

  • We haven’t heard back yet if our insurance covers the school I toured on Wednesday, but I’m kind of leaning away from it now. Although the evaluators for First Steps suck *ss, I have two awesome therapists lined up. We loved the occupational therapist who worked with Colin last year, but she only works in our old suburb and not in the city where we live now. I called her to see if she had any recommendations for us, and she offered to see Colin again, even though it will mean some extra travel. Like I said, we love her. The only negative is that she said, “Didn’t we talk about FAS at one point?” and she’s right. We did, but I had completely blocked it out. This means that a doctor and an OT saw FAS signs in Colin.We also got a recommendation for a developmental therapist who we “should have called yesterday.” Amazingly, she has an opening, and is holding that spot for Colin. If we can work with two awesome therapists, I think he will be OK in an unstructured classroom, especially since he’ll only go two days a week. He’s in that classroom this summer, too, so we have that time to see how it goes and decide what we should do in the fall.

  • We visited Colin’s birthmom for the first time since he was born. I went really well. We were obviously nervous, but it really went well. I have more details and photos to post, but I’m going to password protect it. Colin’s birthfamily does not know about this blog, and I don’t want to post pictures of people and their children without their permission. Colin’s birthmom, Amy, is living with her sister, Amber, about three hours from us. We drove up this morning, stayed for almost four hours, and then drove home. It was a long day, but it wasn’t nearly as stressful as I thought it was going to be. I think we will go visit again in a couple of months.

4 thoughts on “I spent a day in bed, but did my best to make up for it

  1. “Colin’s birthfamily does not know about this blog”

    Why do you think that they do not know about the blog?

    What makes you believe they have not found it and read it?

  2. Well, I didn’t think they knew about it, “z,” because they have not mentioned that they knew about it. If they did know about it, I think it would be courteous to tell me about it or leave a comment instead of just stalking me. Is there anything you would like to tell me? Who you are maybe?

  3. z – I can see your IP address, internet provider, and location. Just so you know. I can find more with a little digging.

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