Our vacation was a little rough. To start, I had my back problems. I did get the cortisone shot the day before we left, but it took a few days to kick in.

Colin had a fever the day before we left, and Noah and Zoe developed fevers the day after we got there. That might explain why they were such stinkers on the trip down (well that and the fact that we had to leave our house at 5am, get on a plane for three hours, wait through a three hour layover, get on another plane for two hours, and then take an hour shuttle ride to the resort).

Remember when I said that I wished I knew that, “You’re not my nice friend anymore, Mommy,” was the worst thing that Zoe would say to us? Um yeah. That seems pretty minor now that we’ve watched her writhing on the floor of Mexican customs screaming, “I don’t love you!”

Things got better as the week went on and everyone was feeling better, and we ended up having a good time. I got lots of cute pictures that I plan to post over the next couple of days.


3 thoughts on “Cabo

  1. Yeah, it’s funny now, but at the time I was exhausted and wanted to strangle her! She said the whole, “I don’t love you,” thing again since we’ve been home and we had a talk about how those are not nice words and they hurt our feelings. She hasn’t said it since, but I don’t doubt she’ll pull it out again sometime.

  2. Ha ha ha, just wait til she says it with the eyeroll, and mumbles not quite audible profanities as she slouches away. The upside is that, even though they will be less frequent, the hugs might just be even sweeter.

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