The Swagger Wagon

We’re home from Mexico and trying to get caught up on things. I have lots to write and tons of photos to post, and I also need to write a little bit more about Zoe’s birthparent search, but it may be a few days. For one, I’m short on time, but also my laptop didn’t fare so well on the trip home. It’s either broken or possessed. I have to type very lightly or the keys get stuck and I end up writing something like this: pppppppppphtrthfgnnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooo. I was sorting photos by day and the folder I tried to name “Monday” was instead titled “piourwqe.” Christian just ordered a new keyboard for me, and I’m hoping that does the trick. I’m really not in the mood to replace the whole freakin’ computer right now.

Anyway, since the title of this blog is My Minivan Rocks!, I thought I’d share a video tribute to parenthood and minivans until I have time to post the other stuff. Check out The Swagger Wagon.


5 thoughts on “The Swagger Wagon

  1. I like the video!
    hey, I don’t know if this will help or not. I am not very good with computers. But sometimes when I hold down the right Shift key a box will come up asking if I want to change the way my keyboard acts upon my touching the keys. My daughter has made that box come up several times. When if first happend I thought my keyboard was broke. If you hold the right shift key down for 8 seconds the box will come up. You can see if that is what happend. I don’t know if that will help. But I had the same problem you do when it happend to me.

    • Thanks Bev, what you describe is a Windows “feature” called “Sticky Keys.” Unfortunately, that is not the case here, there is definitely a hardware failure of some kind. Hopefully I can swap the keyboard and all will be well!

      • I was going to show your post to Christian and hope you were right! Darn.

        The laptop was in a checked bag. Normally I would carry it on, but we were already carrying on 4-, 3-, and almost 2-year-olds. 🙂 It was packed well with the kids blankets, but when we unpacked it we found a note saying it had been inspected. I don’t think it was re-packed so well. It’s like it was bent or twisted or something.

  2. I really, really loved my swagger wagon…almost as much as I loved my Wheeeee! car I got when the kids were grown. 🙂

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