We are planning to leave for Mexico as scheduled, in about nine hours.

I had the cortisone shot in my back today. They told me I would be under “conscious sedation.” The only part that was true was the “conscious.” It turns out that the doctor had to keep sticking me in the back, digging around until he found the pinched nerve. That meant that I had to be awake and able to tell him when I felt pain shoot down my leg. Good times. Right now I’m still hurting and the bottom half of me feels really heavy, but I’m hoping things turn around soon.

To top it off, Noah has some sort of yucky oozing sore on his head, Zoe fell and busted her ear open on the coffee table, and Colin had 101.5 degree fever today.

Even so, the kids are too excited for us to cancel the trip now. I guess we just go as is.

We have to leave EARLY tomorrow for the airport. We told the kids that we had to get up at about 5am. They went to bed a little before 9pm. At 9:25, Noah got up and said, “Mommy, my clock is pointing to the five! It’s time to go!” I explained that while the big hand was on the five, he needed to wait until the little hand was on it. He almost started crying. Poor kid.


5 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. Wow you are all something right now! I sure hope you are able to have fun despite everything. I hope your back is good to you!

  2. There’s no better place for all of you to recover than a nice, warm beach. Make sure to get some good drinking shots of the kids 🙂 !!! And have fun!

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