Birthparent searches in Vietnam

This is the contact information for the searchers we used in Vietnam:

We were very happy with their services. They updated us every step of the way and we believe their communication with us was honest and candid.

There is a $100 deposit when the paperwork is first submitted. The search fee is $500, but it is refundable if the birthparent search is not successful.

We offered to pay an additional $50 a day for time in the province because we were asking for services that might be above and beyond a typical search (and because we knew the search would probably not be successful, so the $500 would therefore be refunded, and we thought the searchers deserved additional compensation for their services).

We also paid travel expenses. Eurekaz is located in HCMC/ Saigon, and Zoe’s province was near Hanoi. Travel expenses to areas in the south would obviously be less expensive. We were able to search with another family whose daughter was from Phu Tho, so we split travel expenses. Our share of travel expenses (for the first trip to Hanoi and second trip to Phu Tho) was about $1,000.

They did the initial search about two weeks after we submitted the deposit. That part of the search lasted two days. They did the second phase of the search about three weeks later, and that part took four or five days. We got the final report and photos about two weeks after that.


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