I rock (or maybe I’m just an incredible pain in the a**)

I got an appointment for a cortisone injection on Monday. Each doctor has certain days when they can schedule at the surgery center. My doctor only did Tuesdays, and we are supposed to leave for Mexico on Tuesday. I went in for physical therapy this morning and was all like, “I’m really hurting and we’re supposed to leave on vacation, so I’m desperate. If it was just a vacation with my husband I would cancel, but my kids are so excited and I can’t do that to them. They are four, three, and almost two, and they’ve already been talking about swimming in the pool and going to the beach. If there is ANY way you can contact a doctor for me who does these on Mondays and see if I could get in, I would appreciate it so much.”

B*tches were like, “Uh, yeah, I doubt we can get you in anywhere on Monday since it’s Friday, but I guess we could check. ”

I played is sweet: “Oh thank you. Anything you can do I would really appreciate. I know it’s a long shot, but if you could just check for me, it would be awesome.”

Ha! I got in with another doctor on Monday at 11am.

Tonight I started getting a little nervous as I realized that I’m going to have a doctor that I have never met before sedate me and stick a needle in my spinal cord. So, I Googled him, and he is the guy in charge of the whole department! He’s the  “Director of Vascular and Interventional Radiology” at the hospital. (Yeah, I guess if someone could get me in last minute it would be him.) He’s in all sort of honor societies; has tons of publications; has worked at Northwestern, Loyola, etc; was Chief Resident, and has lots of letters behind his name. I’m feeling better now.

Some people say they feel immediately better after the shot, some say they feel better after a few days, and some say they feel worse for a few days but then better. I’m hoping I’m in one of the two first categories (preferably the first). It’s a gamble, but my original plan to be high on pain meds the whole trip was not a good one. The Vicodin I took yesterday gave me a giant headache and then the med I tried today made me Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs. I went to Target after the kids went to bed to buy Zoe a leotard for gymnastics tomorrow and some Robitussin. I forgot the Robitussin, but bought lots of clothes the kids did.not.need. (I plan to take (most of) them back.) I left Target as they were closing, and realized I completely forgot the Robitussin. I went to Walgreen’s to get the Robitussin and then came out to the parking lot and realized I had NO idea where I parked my car (and it’s not a big parking lot, people). I finally managed to find my rockin’ minivan and drive home, realizing that I probably should not be driving in the first place. At least I am home safe now.

I’m usually the one “in charge” when we travel. I carry the plane tickets, money, passports, etc. I told Christian that he might as well give them to Zoe because I’m so loopy. I feel about as competent as a three-year-old right now. Noah would be more capable (since he’s four and all). This should be a fun trip…

On a related note, I am also a pain in the a** (or an awesome mom depending on the perspective) when it comes to my kids’ doctors. I’ve mentioned in passing in a blog post that Colin has been going through a difficult period lately. He didn’t qualify for a second year of First Steps, so we’ve been exploring other ways to get help. I called the pediatric developmental specialist Zoe saw when we first got back from Vietnam, only to have the receptionist tell me that they didn’t have any appointments until August. I played it up and asked if there was any possible way to have him seen sooner. She ended up giving me the doctor’s e-mail address, and we are seeing him in two weeks. I rock.


2 thoughts on “I rock (or maybe I’m just an incredible pain in the a**)

  1. Hi Tracy,

    I haven’t been to your blog before. I checked it out after a post you left on the APV group regarding your search for birthparents through Eurekaz. Our boys also have absolutely no credible birth information other than possibly their birth dates and their immunization schedules. I’m very curious how your search ends up.

    On the subject of this post, I also have back problems and have had about 5 steriod injections into my L4 and L5 joints so far. I’m seriously close to number 6 right now although they may just go ahead and burn the nerves this time. How scary is that thought?!?!? Anyway, I understand how you feel and hope the shots work for you. I fall into category 3 – they don’t work for about a week (and am a bit sore for several days) then I have relief for several months. Take lots of pain meds with you on vacation. Enjoy! Being loopy on vacation is expected, isn’t it? 😉


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