Out of the Mouths: “You’re Not My Nice Friend Anymore, Mommy”

Christian claims that Zoe ate like a normal person Monday night. I don’t believe him. I had to work late and wasn’t there, so I didn’t see it for myself. And since she NEVER eats like a normal person, I’m not inclined to believe she did it Monday night. He claims that she actually sat still, took normal size bites (not gigantic ones followed by teeny, itty-bitty ones), chewed with her mouth closed, didn’t make abnormally animated silly faces, didn’t smack her lips and make disgusting noises, and actually ate most of what was on her plate.

I was home tonight. Like most other nights, she told us that she was going to eat, “…all of this, all of this, and all of this,” as she pointed to each thing on her plate. I told her I would believe it when I saw it. Thirty minutes later, while Christian watched the boys ride their bikes in the driveway and enjoyed some nice conversation with the neighbors, I sat at the table with Zoe, in a battle of wills over her BBQ sandwich. See, I wanted her to actually EAT some of the sandwich. She just wanted to destroy the bun by picking little tiny pieces off of it. (I would have been just as happy if she had eaten some green beans or mac and cheese, but she wasn’t going to do that either.)

I told her she could not go outside and ride her bike until she ate something, and she was determined to do everything but eat. She pouted, she wandered away from the table, said she had to go potty, told me her tummy hurt, etc.

Finally she said, “You’re not being nice to me. You’re not my nice friend anymore, Mommy,” and crossed her arms in a huff. I had to smile. Wouldn’t it be awesome if that’s the most unkind thing she ever says to me in her life? Ha ha. Yeah right. I’m not holding my breath.

I told her that since she could not say nice things to me, I didn’t think we should talk right now.

She chewed on that one (the thought, not the food – just in case anyone was confused) for about 30 seconds and then tried to switch tactics.

In her sweetest, most precious voice, she said, “Mommy? Would you like a bite of my sandwich? I’ll share it with you.”

I have to give her a “A” for effort on that one, but the whole point was for ZOE to eat the sandwich, so this new plan didn’t work either. I ended up carrying her upstairs in tears to the shower and she never got to go outside to play. Poor little Zoe.


9 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths: “You’re Not My Nice Friend Anymore, Mommy”

  1. Tracy, My daughter is very simular. She use to be a very big eater. But now she wants to sit for 1 to 2 hours and play. (and me saying EAT EAT EAT!) When I put her down after 2 hours she cries because she still wants to eat. So I put the kitchen timer on the table. I set it for whatever time I think she can handle. When the timer goes off game over. At first I was nervous because she is so skinny and of course not finished eating. She would get really upset and cry about the timer. But here we are a week later and she is eating faster. This morning she begged me not to set the timer. So I gave her a break. She actually finished in 20 min! Not sure if this will help. I can’t remember if Zoe is a picky eater. I think the timer and the picky eater could possible end up being friends. Jenna is not a picky eater…just a slow one who loves to sit in front of food. Ever since day one she has been obsessed with all things FOOD!
    I have been meaning to do a post on my blog about that.

    • I remember reading about how much Jenna ate and I was amazed! I like the timer idea. Zoe’s not picky, she justs wants to play around. It’s like she can’t sit still and concentrate!

  2. This reminds me of something I witnessed in Marsh (maybe) a few years ago. I was with a friend and we were behind a mother and daughter about Zoe’s. Mom wouldn’t buy candy. Daughter was pi$$ed. She turned to her mom and screamed at the top of her lungs, “I don’t like you anymore and I WILL NOT put your picture in my locket.:” Does Zoe have a locket?:)

  3. She doesn’t, but if I got her one, I bet she would take my picture in and out. Thirty minutes after the sandwich incident we were BFFs again and she wanted me to hold her. 🙂

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