Fire safety

We’ve talked about fire safety with the kids, and Noah and Zoe have talked about fire safety at school, but this made me think that maybe they still don’t get it.

Noah said, “Mommy, if there was a fire, I should run into the playroom and get all of my Bakugans and Action Dragons, and then run outside, right?”

I explained that, no, he should just run outside and we would buy him new Bakugans and Action Dragons if we lost them, but he still seemed a little skeptical. I think we’ll need to continue to work on this one…


3 thoughts on “Fire safety

  1. My 25 year firefighter and former chief would say yes, yes, yes. Make sure you also designate a meet up place outside.

    Good luck.

  2. Be very careful with that “We’ll buy new ones” explanation…I used those same words about My Little Ponies in our fire safety session, then later found my little pyromaniac trying to light them on fire (with a stick not matches, but still…) so she could get the new ones.

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