Haircuts for Everyone

Noah and Colin got haircuts the same day that Zoe got bangs.

Remember Colin’s Mohawk? It’s already grown out. We just got it all cut to one length. I swear. This kid has SO much hair. (He’s only 20-months and he has a mustache, back hair, and even a little pubic hair!). And, he loves to rub food in it, so I think we’re going to keep it short for a while. (The other day we gave him pancakes with blueberry syrup and he promptly dipped his hand in the syrup and ran it through his hair like he was trying to style it. ACK!)


Noah’s hair is really hard to cut/ style. His hair sticks up if it’s too short, but he has a big ol’ noggin which looks even bigger when his hair gets too long. I guess we’ll figure it out someday.


This is Zoe waiting for the boys to get their haircuts. I can totally see this girl spending hours in a salon someday.


Bangs, Mom? Are you sure about this?


The finished product. I think I’m going to take her back to get them a little shorter, but I have to say I’m happy overall. I can still put them back in a barrette to get them off of her face, but she doesn’t HAVE to wear a barrette all the time like she did before.


9 thoughts on “Haircuts for Everyone

    • Did you go to a kids’ haircut place? We had one too many bad haircuts there, so now I take them to the salon where I go. It’s not as convenient since I have to make appointments and it’s more expensive, but I have decided it is definitely worth it.

  1. So I, being the goody-two-shoes of the group got exactly what you were saying. (Gimme the gold star! *tongue sticking out at everyone else*)
    I have been meaning to tell you that every time I watch Celebrity Apprentice, which isn’t all that much but still, I think of Colin when I see Blagojevich!

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