My kids have not had baths in weeks

My kids have not had baths in weeks. Don’t worry. They have bathed. They just have not had baths.

When we were looking at houses, it never occurred to me to look at the size of the bathtub in the kids’ bathroom. I mean, a tub’s a tub, right? Yeah, not so much.

At our old house, we would bathe all three kids together at night. We assumed we would do the same in this house. The first time we put them all in there though we realized that the tub was tiny.  It was the same length as our old one, but it was really narrow and shallow. Since that’s the only bathtub in the house (we have a shower in our bathroom), bath time was a challenge and replacing the kids’ tub jumped to the top of our remodel priority list.

Since we couldn’t match the tile, new tile was added to the project. Since we were replacing the tub tile, we thought we might as well replace the floor tile, too. Since we were replacing the floor tile, we figured we might as well replace the toilet and vanity. Pretty soon, replacing the tub turned into gutting the bathroom.

We hired a contractor who was supposed to have the project done in seven to ten days. FOUR WEEKS LATER we are still taking the kids in our stand up shower every night. But that’s a whole ‘nother story….

We had dinner at Mimi and Grampie’s a couple of weeks ago, and then we gave the kids baths in their big garden tub.  It was a treat, but little did we know what a treat it really was. Hopefully soon we will have cute pictures of them bathing in their own tub.

7 thoughts on “My kids have not had baths in weeks

  1. Four weeks later????!!!??? Seriously, they should be able to do that project in, like, three days (basing my estimate on how long it took my husband to redo bathrooms at our last house when he was only able to work on it after work and on weekends. I’d find a new contractor. But the kids are super adorable!

    • I know. It should have been done LONG AGO. WE are pretty annoyed. Christian really wanted to do the work himself, but I said it would be faster to hire it out. So much for that.

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