Update on Zoe’s birthparent search

I posted a few days ago that the first phase of Zoe’s birthparent search was unsuccessful. With the other family who is searching, we responded to the searcher that night, and asked several questions.

In the second phase of the search, they will actually go to Phu Tho to visit the orphanage and try to talk to provincial authorities. We are not hopeful that they will find much through these official channels, so we’ve asked that they try to find out more from the policeman who found our daughters. Specifically, we asked:

  • Did the men who found our daughters also find other children who were taken to the orphanage?
  • Did someone tell them to look for a child at that specific place and time, or did they just happen upon them on regular patrols?
  • Is it common to find abandoned infants in Phu Tho and in these specific communes?

We also asked for pictures of the locations where our daughters were found, and we’ve asked if they can try to find out anything from the nannies at the orphanage.

They will try to ask around the area where they were found, but they have been honest with us and have said that the place she was found was likely not where her birthfamily lived. They said, “…based on our experience, it’s rarely in the same commune where birthfamily are located.” They’ve done three similar searches and told us they have only been successful in one of those. They said, “…we just want to ensure that your expectations is not too high for this second trip.”

We hope to know more in the next couple of weeks.


One thought on “Update on Zoe’s birthparent search

  1. Wow. I really hope that you can get some sort of info. I’m glad that they are doing a phase 2. I’m sure it’s an emotional roller coaster for you all right now. Hugs.

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