Old enough for Batman, Spiderman, and Star Wars?

Noah is four, and he really wants to watch Batman/ Spiderman/ Star Wars. I don’t think he’s old enough, but I’m not super familiar with any of them either, so maybe I’m thinking they are worse than they really are? Are there animated versions that would be better? I was on Amazon trying to look through the descriptions, and they said they were for kids seven and older, though many of the other things we have let them watch (Madagascar, Up, Kung Fu Panda) also say they are for children over seven.

Noah was looking over my shoulder while I was on the computer telling me how he “REALLY” wanted a Batman/ Spiderman/ Star Wars movie. When I told him I didn’t think he was old enough, he said, “But Mommy, I’m really tall! Look!” as he stood on his tip-toes.



7 thoughts on “Old enough for Batman, Spiderman, and Star Wars?

  1. My boys were 7 &4 when they were hit with Star Wars Mania. We’ve watched the original movies & I didn’t think they were too bad. From what I remember, there’s no gore. I think a guy has his arm cut off, but you don’t see any blood or anything like that. My boys have seen the Clone Wars (the cartoon movie) & really liked it. Probably the best, most painful way to make sure the movies are appropriate for Noah is to screen them first. You’ll be the best judge of what he can handle.

    • NOOOO! I have managed to make it 33 years without watching a single Star Wars movie. I don’t wanna! 🙂

  2. Brandon’s been watching Star Wars since he was 3…and of course, being autistic, he managed to memorize every line of every episode before he was 4. LMAO!!! On the Cartoon Network, they play Clone Wars every Friday. 🙂

  3. (And Clone Wars is the animated form of Star Wars. It’s got violence, but it’s not horrible and grotesque… Brandon actually prefers the real Star Wars, which also isn’t grotesque, but it has some adult themes to it, such as death.)

  4. Ava watched some of Star Wars with my husband. She seemed to like it, but talked about it later and I think she was a little freaked out. She’s 3, though, and you know the difference a year can make.

    • Yeah, I also have top consider the fact that Zoe is 3 and Colin is 1-1/2. I don’t know how Noah would watch these without them seeing them too. I really think we need to wait until they are all older, but that will probably be pretty tough to do.

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