Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Chris for honoring me with the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Chris said:

You know what I think is beautiful?


Or rather, the connection we can have through blogs. The real honest to goodness friendships that form through sharing a little bit of ourselves and reaching out to others who’ve had the courage to do the same.

And I could not agree with her more. I can’t even count how many times I’ve talked about the amazing friendships I’ve made through blogging, even though I’ve never even met some of those friends in person. I have really connected with several bloggers, and it’s awesome to have formed these relationships with others who can share their experiences about adoption and parenting.

So, here are the rules:

1. Pick 15 bloggers to pass the award on to.
2. Share seven things about yourself.

I had trouble coming up with 15 blogs. First, many of the blogs I enjoy have gone private or password protected, so I can’t link to them here. Then I came up with a list of 15 and realized that Chris had already awarded some of them. So, here are ten Beautiful Blogs:

  • Angel at Perfectly Chloe: I love reading about Chloe’s antics. I think Chloe and Zoe could have a contest to see who is the grosser little girl (luckily we know each other in real life, so we may actually be able to make that contest happen)! Plus, Chloe and Zoe were from the same province in Vietnam.
  • Ashlea at Project Stormea: I think Ashlea and I would be good friends if we met in real life, and our husbands would probably get along too.
  • Cavatica’s weblog: I just started reading this blog a few weeks ago, but her posts on raising children without religion made me go out and buy Parenting Beyond Belief. Christian and I are taking turns reading it.
  • Julie – The Deziels: Julie’s son Stephen-Paul is from Vietnam, and their son FuDa just came home from China. I can’t believe the smiles on these two boys!
  • Kelli at Life with My Little Prince: Kelli is a blogging friend and a real-life friend, too. And Aiden is such a handsome little guy!
  • Kelley at Bunny’s Mom: I love her pictures, and I’m in awe of her crafting abilities. I can’t even sew on a button, and I’ve never even touched a glue gun.
  • Kristen at Three Kids=Chaos: I have to agree that Three Kids does equal Choas, and Tova is from the same province in Vietnam as Zoe.
  • Laura at Our Valentine’s Day Treat: I love how Laura stays so positive and posts about the highlight of her day with Mattix and Molley each and every day. This woman has some serious energy.
  • Mer (LuLu’s Mommy) at Beautiful Chicken: I owe Mer a special shout out. She gave me the Lemonade Award last month and I never wrote about it. Hopefully I can make it up to her by giving an award back!
  • Mother Mother Ocean: She makes me laugh and I love her turtle collection!


Now for seven things about me:

  1. Thinking of seven things about me is ridiculously difficult, but I can tell you seven things about my kids in under 30 seconds. It’s sometimes hard to believe that I was ever anything but a mom, even though I’ve only been on the job for a little over four years. It’s amazing sometimes to think that less than five years ago I was so depressed because I never thought I’d get to be a mom, and now I have had three in record time.
  2. I got Botox… and now my feet and armpits can’t show emotion. I have this gross thing called hyperhidrosis that basically means I sweat like a pig. My underarms and feet were DISGUSTING, and Botox injections helped stop the sweating. I had a series of small injections, probably 100 or so, in each area. It was incredibly painful, but it did work. It’s supposed to last up to six months. It’s been three months and so far so good.
  3. I think we’re done having kids, but we’re not ruling anything out. Christian and I have said that if Colin’s birthmom got pregnant again and wasn’t able to parent, we would want to adopt Colin’s sibling. We’re not hoping that happens or anything, and we don’t think it will, but the possibility is there.
  4. I am a freak when it comes to choosing paint colors, and I am super-excited that the hardware stores started selling little samples of paint. I have purchased 20 or more of them in the last two months in order to find colors for our family room, the kids’ room, our bedroom, and the halls. I still have to pick colors for two bathrooms, which means I will probably be purchasing ten more. I paint little squares all over the room in question before finally choosing a color. It’s pretty ridiculous.
  5. My husband says I snore. I don’t believe him.
  6. I need more sleep. Specifically, I need to go to bed earlier. Christian and I regularly stay up until 1am. We try to get in bed earlier, but it just never seems to happen. We are both exhausted at 7pm, but wide awake by 9pm when we put the kids to bed.
  7. Um, seriously, this is really hard (See #1).  One more thing. One more thing….. Oh! I love my husband very much. He had to rebuild my computer a while ago. When I got it back, I discovered that he had changed the screensaver to scroll, “I love you ~ Christian.” Isn’t that unbelievably sweet? (I’m kind of cheating with that one since it’s more about Christian than it is about me, but I’m still counting it.)

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Cool beans! I got an award for being an atheist, or something like that. And blogging about it… gotta say, I was a little afraid to do it, but now an AWARD! Holy moly! I will respond and have fun doing it, but it may be a day or two. I have this job that is interfering with my blogging. Rats.

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  4. I like the list! I never go to bed on time. I stay up until midnight most “school” night and I have to get up early. It’s ugly, and I’m dead tired by 2 pm, but by 9 pm I’m downright hyper. It’s not fair.

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